Fear That Hlanhla Lux Dlamini May Be Poisoned In Prison.

 Fear That Hlanhla Lux Dlamini May Be Poisoned In Prison.

Nhlanhla Lux, the head of Operation Dudula, is suspected of been slain in detention.

While speaking to Operation Dudula participants, Patriotic Alliance leader Kenny Kunene mentioned this and that they had contacted officers from Johannesburg Central police station to secure Lux’s safety.

He said that Lux had been apprehended by heavily armed Crime Intelligence personnel.

“They arrived in 30 cars and pounced on him soon after his interview with Kaya FM on Thursday afternoon. His arrest raises more questions than answers. I met with him at the holding cells.
“Police are looking for a snake in a big veld. They have not put his charges against him. The alleged offence he is arrested for was reported at Dobsonville police station. Why is he detained in Johannesburg?
“Why was he not arrested by officers from Dobsonville. There is a political motivation behind his arrest,” Kunene said.

Lux’s detention was allegedly influenced by EFF leader Julius Malema, who promised that the Patriotic Alliance would cover Lux’s bail and legal bills.

Dlamini is represented by lawyer Ike Khumalo.

“We have heard that there is political pressure to charge Dlamini with Schedule 5 or 6 offence to detain him for seven days. We will not give up. Today it is him, and tomorrow it might be me.
“His arrest indicates that someone wants him dead. We need to take precautions. We have agreed with his lawyers to arrange that only his mother gives him food. He could be poisoned in a police cell. Steve Biko and other leaders died in police custody,” Kunene said.
Dlamini, according to Kunene, was detained alongside foreigners in the same cell.
“Dlamini is threatening business and prominent politicians. This is Johannesburg Central police station, you could have any foreigner arrested and detained in the same cell as Dlamini. We don’t know what would happen to him.
“A criminal might be bought, and he is no longer breathing tomorrow. We don’t trust the system that arrested him. He must be detained alone for the police to take full responsibility (for any eventuality), rather than telling us he died because inmates were fighting,” said Kunene.
“We must take precautions to preserve his life. When politicians are arrested, they are asked to present themselves with the lawyers. However, with Dlamini, it was different. He was treated like a person who committed a heinous crime.”

On Thursday, Dlamini was apprehended.

On Friday, he was supposed to appear in the Roodepoort Magistrate’s Court, but he never did.

He is now scheduled to appear in court on Monday of next week.

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