Patriotic Alliance demands immediate release of Nhlanhla Lux

 Patriotic Alliance demands immediate release of Nhlanhla Lux

Kenny Kunene, Deputy President of the Patriotic Alliance (PA), has demanded that Nhlanhla ‘Lux’ Dlamini be released immediately. On Thursday, he was arrested after a criminal complaint was filed against him.

Dlamini has spearheaded a number of Operation Dudula initiatives in Johannesburg that have targeted accused illegal immigrants.

Dlamini’s legal representatives have expressed concern about the difficulty they may face in obtaining bail for him.

Outside the Johannesburg Central Police Station, supporters of the movement demanded Dlamini’s release.

Dlamini’s detention, according to Kunene, was politically motivated because he was not charged.

“By yesterday, they weren’t sure what to charge him with: housebreaking, intimidation, assault – they finally settled on housebreaking and property damage.” So we know there’s a political motivation behind it. When Malema or other politicians, whether in the ANC or not, are about to be detained, the police will summon them and tell them that they must surrender. Nhlanhla Lux is an outlier. Why is that? Why couldn’t they phone him, or send him a message? He can get bail, according to the law,” Kunene said.

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