Cape Town City Players and manager Hijacked

 Cape Town City Players and manager Hijacked

Cape Town City players and coach Hijacked at a gun point.

Cape Town City FC players & coach were hijacked at gun point in Nyanga as they were trying to give back to the community.

Cape Town City FC vehicles has been hijacked in Nyanga. Their belongings including Boots, Cellphones and passports were taken.

The players are safe and unharmed but very traumatised. The names of the players were unrevealed.

Grant Veitch: “Hi guys. It was 5 players and a coach. Held up at gun point in Nyanga. The Avanza tracker was removed 2 minutes after the hijacking.

Thank goodness all the boys are ok. Just sad. Wanted to give back to the community by playing in the townships.”

If anyone heard or seen anything, please contact your nearest SAPS

– “Vehicle has been found in Phillipi. All belongings missing.”

SAFA Cape Town.

Thankfully they are all safe and unharmed… God is good. However teams needs to be more aware of this kinds of things… they are no longer safe. Too much criminal all over people needs a watch over.

Those players will need to see someone, canceling to so that they gets over the trauma and be able to forget the incident and move on because this will hunt them if they dont get canceling from the professionals. It will distract them mental and physical aspect.  Therapist will help them a long.

Those thugs needs to be punished ones they are found.

This things has been happening for along and those criminal haven’t been brought to justice they are still roaming around the streets looking for people to violent and rob.

Justice must prevail. It is no longer safer…..!!! Luckily this will open the eyes of many to remin alerts.

No one deserves to be violated…!!! Crime is high in SA and no one is safe anymore. This is a worrying factors that everyone must be aware of.

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