Annie Idibia: ‘It ’s painful sharing 2Baba with other women,’.

 Annie Idibia: ‘It ’s painful sharing 2Baba with other women,’.

‘It’s painful sharing 2Baba with other women,’. as they renew marital vows

Annie Idibia, an actress, has spoken up about some of the difficulties she has had in her marriage to music singer Innocent Idibia, known 2Baba. Annie revealed in an interview with her co-stars on the reality show ‘Young, Famous, and African’ that she met her husband before any of his baby moms.

In an emotional tone, the mother of two said, “When one meets someone and one realises that one knew them first, yet one sees different women having babies for him. Then, he has five kids with other women. My first child is his fifth and I met him before the other women that have children for him. (Do) you know how many humiliation and embarrassments (I’ve faced)? How does one repeat the same mistake twice? I was hurt. Even when he was engaged…but, that is a story for another day.

“It is painful (sharing him with other women) and it hurts. (However), the good times are so much more (than the bad), and I still have forever (to spend) with him and make up for the bad times. People actually abuse the word, ‘love’. Love is more than what people say it is.”

Meanwhile, the couple renewed its marital vows as they celebrated their wedding anniversary. Annie wrote on Instagram, “A guy (nickname for 2Baba) and I renewed our vows. 10 years anniversary! (It) was very intimate but we wanted to also share it with the whole world. I will post pictures and videos. Vulnerability isn’t weakness. I want to believe that it is being brave; it is strength.”



Faith Morey reacted on Annie Idibia and said:

2Baba: Don’t Judge Annie Except Your Relationship Is Perfect -Ex-Model, Faith Morey

Former model, Faith Morey, has weighed in on the reactions trailing actress Annie Idibia’s revelation about her marriage on her new show, Young, Famous & African.

Annie in a viral clip from the show had expressed how she was the first to know her husband, 2Baba, yet had to deal with two other women having children for him and then having his fifth child.

Reacting, Morey, who is based in the US, took to her Instagram Story with a message for critics.

Morey said, “Why are most people suddenly acting like they have a perfect relationship? You don’t know the circumstances surrounding Annie and 2Face’s relationship asides what they show you. Don’t rip this woman apart with your criticisms and judgement except you have a perfect relationship.”

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