A soccer player killed in a Brutally way.

 A soccer player killed in a Brutally way.

Update on FATAL STABBING of Orshwin Andries DEATH


“The death of Stellenbosch FC’s upcoming star Oshwin Andries has left many people shocked.
Oshwin, who was supposed to celebrate his birthday on 24 February was stabbed at a local pub in Klapmuts on 29 January.

The incident happened at a tavern in Klapmuts while he was having friends. According to eyewitnesses, Oshwin made a joke that did not sit well with one of the men and a fight ensued.

She said Oshwin and the suspect were separated by the crowd but when he went back to sit down, the suspect followed and attacked him.

Stellenbosch FC star stabbed to death

He was stabbed in the back and his head.

Oshwin Andries was stabbed on Sunday 29 January. Photo supplied

He was rushed to Stellenbosch hospital where he was attended and released the following day.

All seemed well until his health took a different turn on Wednesday. The family took him to the doctor where he was given some pain-stop tablets.

Oshwin’s brother Lee Irwin Andries said he feels like the other part of his life is gone. “I have been there for him, to support him and it is only one day he is not with us but we already miss him,” he said.

Lee said his brother’s dream was to play in top-flight leagues in Europe and he was always working hard to achieve the dream.

Many people from Klapmuts and Stellenbosch areas are in shock and disbelief after the incident.

“We saw it on social media and we still don’t know if it is true. When the club confirmed we were shocked because he was the only young person who was putting Klapmuts on the map. Whoever did this must pay for it,” said a Klamuts resident.”

May his soul rest in peace.

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