Zimbabweans Are Being Accused By Lesotho Natives Of Stealing Their Jobs On Local Farms Jn South Africa.

 Zimbabweans Are Being Accused By Lesotho Natives Of Stealing Their Jobs On Local Farms Jn South Africa.

Zimbabwean🇿🇼 and Lesotho🇱🇸 nationals clashed in Cape winelands in South Africa over jobs. Lesotho nationals are accusing the Zimbabweans of taking their jobs on local farms in Cape Town. At least 20 people were injured in the clashes and several of their shacks set alight and vandalised.

Since this year began, South Africans🇿🇦 have been protesting, accussing illegal foreigners from Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Bangladesh, Chinese and other countries of taking their jobs and committing crimes. More than 10 000 illegal immigrants have been deported from South Africa within this 3 months of this year.

20 injured and several shacks set alight as Zimbabwean and Lesotho nationals fight over farm jobs in South Africa

There was chaos in Robertson after violent clashes erupted between Lesotho and Zimbabwean nations over employment on local farms.

“On March 17 at 5am, two different foreign national groups were involved in fighting each other over employment on farms,” confirmed Western Cape police spokesperson Captain FC Van Wyk.

Lesotho citizens are allegedly accusing Zimbabweans of stealing their jobs on local farms.

At least 20 people were hurt in the skirmishes, according to witnesses, and numerous shacks were set on fire and vandalized.

Robertson police have opened a public violence case, according to Captain Van Wyk. There have been no arrests thus yet, and all highways are open.

The SAPS and other law enforcement organizations are on the scene right now, keeping an eye on the situation.

“So the tension between Zimbabweans and Lesotho nationals, they want 50 percent Zimbabweans and 50 percent Lesotho nationals to work in those farms… recall, this is happening in South Africa, where unemployment is at 46 percent.” On Twitter, one user made a remark.

South Africa is in desperate need of peace. People must band together and become one. Live in harmony with one another and assist one another. Fighting against one another does not help and only serves to turn people against one another for no cause.

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