World War Three: Fears as Russia warns of universal nuclear war if West defends Ukraine.

 World War Three: Fears as Russia warns of universal nuclear war if West defends Ukraine.

Moscow’s heavily censored state television has delivered a scary nuclear threat to the West if NATO intervenes by deploying peacekeepers to Ukraine, warning that World War III might be on the horizon.

In the event that the alliance leaders fail to reach an agreement at the G-7 summit in Brussels, the Kremlin makes a strong warning against sending soldiers into Ukraine under the guise of keeping peace.

These dreadful pitfalls emerge four weeks after Russia’s invasion, as Putin’s forces continue to attack countless Ukrainian cities with air raids, despite Kyiv’s defiance.

Russian truck drivers detained on the border, according to TV host Vyacheslav Nikonov, noticed “an concentration of American and Polish forces.”

“As for me, Poland seeks not simply to fulfill a peacekeeping role, but to stake out the lands that they consider historically theirs,” said Olga Vladimirovna Skabeyeva, a Russian television host and political pundit.

“They must realize that this will be a direct confrontation between Russia’s and NATO’s armed forces, and the outcome is unlikely to be worth explaining… She went on to say, “This is known as World War Three.”

Despite vows to escalate the conflict, Russia’s invasion continues to lag and stutter in the face of logistical and morale challenges, as well as massive Ukrainian resistance, despite early rumors that the Kremlin planned a ‘lightning assault’ lasting days.

Nuclear Tactical Weapons –

Other Kremlin-controlled shows reiterated Russia’s threats.

Colonel Yury Knutov of Channel 1 made the same claims.

“If there are any reasonable people remaining in NATO, [a peacekeeping] mission [in Ukraine] will not be approved,” he stated. Why? Because [a collective] NATO decision will amount to a de facto declaration of war on Russia… this will be a casus belli – a declaration of war between Russia and NATO. Whether we like it or not, we will have to employ tactical nuclear weapons in the theater of operations to win this war.”

He inferred, “This will then necessitate the use of massive strategic nuclear weapons… which means universal nuclear war.”

Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s spokesman, said Russia would only use nuclear weapons if faced with a “existential threat,” but cautioned that sending Western peacekeepers to Ukraine would be “very irresponsible and dangerous.”

“A unique military operation is ongoing,” he explained, “and any possible encounter between our military troops and NATO military personnel could result in pretty understandable consequences that would be difficult to rectify.”

– The Polish Conundrum

Russia’s state television warned that if Poland acted unilaterally, rather than under NATO’s protection, the same result would occur.

Russia has frequently threatened the West with intervention throughout its failed invasion of Ukraine.

Aside from the invasion not proceeding as planned, Western media reports claim that since the assault began on February 24, Russia has been imploring China for military supplies and financial assistance to help it avoid sanctions.

China, like India, is one of the few countries that have yet to condemn Putin’s murderous invasion of Ukraine.

Putin should safeguard Ukraine’s western border with Poland, according to Vladimir Shamanov, the butcher of Chechnya and veteran Colonel-General of the Russian Armed Forces.

“The time has come for our authorities to declare quite clearly – here are the borders, and don’t you Poles dare to push in here even 10 meters,” said the MP, who was just awarded Russia’s highest honor, the Hero of Russia. You’ll be hit with the full force of our Kalibr [cruise missiles] as well as artillery and aviation right away.”

“This is an ordinary weapon, not a nuclear weapon.” “And then the lauded Polish army will run – knees up high – right back to Warsaw,” Shamanov joked, stressing that if the Poles attempted to meddle with Russia’s military action in Ukraine, they would be defeated “in full.”

Poland ejected 45 Russian “spies” posing as diplomats on Wednesday, but the NTV station, which is controlled by Gazprom-Media, said that this was part of a coordinated campaign against Moscow, which it wanted out of the G-20.

“Warsaw is dispatching Russian diplomats and pressing for Russia’s replacement in the G-20, as well as the deployment of peacekeepers in Ukraine,” the broadcaster reported, while also “doubling its troops and bolstering its border grouping.” Perhaps Poland wishes to reclaim territories it has lost in the past?”

– The Kremlin Has Cracks –

However, as Russian state television issues bold warnings, there have been stories of possible fissures between Putin and his senior generals, indicating that there may be no love lost inside Kremlin circles, indicating a possible putsch with high political volatility.

Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu has been missing for 13 days, allegedly due to ‘heart problems,’ and reports suggest Putin blamed him for the invasion’s failure thus far.

Anatoly Chubais, the man who gave Putin his first job in the Kremlin, resigned and fled Russia in a dramatic fashion, reportedly with the intention of never returning, over his opposition to the war.

– World War III: Concerns as a €150 million “Doomsday Plane” from the United States is spotted flying over Europe –

As tensions with Russia continue to rise, a US “Doomsday Plane” has been spotted flying over Europe.

The Boeing 747 E4-B aka Nightwatch aircraft can stay in the air for days and can even withstand a nuclear blast’s electromagnetic pulse.

Since the Cold War, Washington has had a fleet of these super-luxurious £150 million jets on hand to use as mobile bases in the event of a nuclear war.

Apart from the convoy transporting the president to Europe, the jet, officially known as the ‘Flying Pentagon,’ was sighted taking off from the US on Wednesday night.

At the height of the Cold War, when nuclear war appeared to be a real possibility, both the US and the Soviet Union commissioned Doomsday planes, which were supposed to serve as flying conflict chambers from which the superpowers’ leaders might issue commands in the event of an escalating nuclear war.

The jet can theoretically withstand a nuclear strike as well as the stygian effects of an electromagnetic pulse, while keeping the leaders in contact with other world leaders via satellite communication.

“The E-4B is protected against electromagnetic pulse effects and has an electrical system designed to support advanced electronics and a wide variety of communications equipment,” the US Air Force writes on their website, describing how “an advanced satellite communications system provides worldwide communication for senior leaders through the airborne operations center.” Nuclear and thermal effects shielding, acoustic control, an improved technical control facility, and an upgraded air-conditioning system for cooling electrical components are among the other enhancements.”

According to IFLScience, the Doomsday planes can be refueled in the air, with only a brief descent required to lubricate the engine.

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