WEDNESDAY 27TH | Uncovering the Truth About Predators and Prey.

 WEDNESDAY 27TH | Uncovering the Truth About Predators and Prey.

Uncovering the Truth About Predators and Prey.

Tony Robbins: Remember you were accused of sexually assaulting a teen in 1985 at a Super Camp with one accuser and two eye witnesses? You were 25 at the time right? I think it was Southern Cali where this took place. The victim Stephanie Scott (15) didn’t like how you had her pinned up against a tree forcefully trying to kiss her. A naughty man you were/are.

Marques Houston: I remember Quindon Tarver was talking to Raz-B (From B2-K) on the phone about how you and Chris Stokes was sexually assaulting Q. Tarver. He was bleeding from anal penetration. I understand C. Stokes got to you in your younger years when you were in the group “Immature” right? What’s the saying…”Hurt People-Hurt People”.

P. Diddy: I remember your former security guard Gene Deal was describing how you and Ja-Rule was getting down in the bed room. He was actually with you when you were buying the dildo. Not to mention how the singer Usher mother confronted you about the sexual relationship you had with him. I remember Jaguar Wright saying she walked in on you while singer Christopher Williams was giving you some sloppy top. Didn’t Jaguar Wright also witness Biggie Smalls giving you a blow job?

Afrika Bambatta: Didn’t OG Half Pint who was 12 years old at the time say he saw you sucking KRS-One off? OG Half Pint told you he had to use the restroom and four seconds later you barged in talking about you were looking for something in the medicine cabinet and while this 12 year old is peeing you pulled out your dick and said…I have to piss too. Wait didn’t Ron Savage say as a boy you made him have sex with his sister’s boyfriend?

Mike Pence: Didn’t Tory Smith witness you raping a boy who was under 6 years old? Was this in Arlington Virginia? No, Indianapolis if Im not mistaken. Children being gangraped by 32 men in one night. Mike you raped two boys. Greg Zeller (Jounalist) was with you and he was said to have raped a couple of children as well. Douglas G. Carter had some fun with some children that night as well.

Barrack Obama: Wasn’t you in a sexual relationship with Larry Sinclair? Nahhh, we know that story already right. What about that time when you and George Clooney were on that boat with that little Asian girl where G. Clooney was seen zipping his pants back up. Or that time a model saw him trying to forcefully kiss him at some party. Barrack, didn’t you order some late night pizza that cost 65,000 dollars? What about that time when you John Legend & Chrissy Teigen along with M. Obama had a four-way?

Tom Cruise: What is the real reason you have an estranged daughter? Katie Holmes was said to be coming home unannounced from a film she was shooting overseas and caught you doing the unthinkable to Suri. Which prompted the split you had with K. Holmes. Suri was naked in your bedroom while you were well, nevermind. I think people get the gist of it.

Will Smith: Didn’t Orlando Brown say you raped him as a child? You took him into a hotel room as this so called mentor and teach him the ropes on how this acting thing goes right? This is not far fetched at all. Remember that clip of you trying to forcefully kiss Jaden in the mouth. Did I see a tongue come out? What about those rumors of you having children in your trailer at 3am one time while shooting Wild Wikd West?

Michael Flynn: Wasn’t you trained by Satanic Pedophile Michael Aquino? Didn’t Adrian J. Wells witness you back in 1984 working for the CIA when you were tasked at setting up torcher chambers? He said he was Kidnapped From Family Home in Australia. Then Organized ASIO To Provide

Fake Passport to Take him out of Australia, for CIA TORTURE. Or am I reading this wrong? You were tasked with Injecting chemicals in One Dose Vial, CIA Drug or Chemical Designed to Cause Brain Damage to Certain Brain Cells to Wipe/Boy Erased.

John Brennan: Didn’t you participate in a torcher session with M. Aquino, & M. Karcok? At the Great Lakes Military Base in Chicago right? You would give children like J.Czebotar Adrenochrome to get their heart racing while she was in an Incinerator. Not to mention the Sex Magic Rituals you all would perform on children while trying to open portals.


Did you know that 2100 caged children were found in tunnels who were rescued by US Marines in California?

Did you know the majority of those children were Kidnapped by CPS?

Did you know alot of those children were not from the US?

Did you know alot of them were from Mexico and Guatemala and South America?

Now you know why “The Border Wall” is so important. By the way did you know Ron DeSantis was against the Border Wall?

Did you know Mitt Romney was against the Border Wall?

Why is this important? Because alot of US Politicians receive kick backs from cartels to keep the border open.

Katie Hobbs

Ben Toma

Brian Kasier

Greg R. Davis

Thomas Galvin

Michael D. Barth

Alicia White

Keith Bershire

Brian M. Blum

Jeff Ellington

Adrian Fontas

Kyrsten Sinema

Erica Badgerry

Clint Hickman

Madison Hughes

Etc. All of these names were listed from Arizona.


Do you see how corrupt our leaders are?

Do you see why we can no longer trust Washington DC?

Do you see why it is pivotal for our survival to close “The Border” and sort out our issues before we help any other country?

Think about all the wealthy politicians who were profiting from the Human Trafficking in Ukraine. Kevin McCarthy was one of them. Now do you see why he had more incentive to keep sending aid?

We are dealing with the most diabolical people imaginable.

No regard for human life.

No concern for children.

No respect for our constitution.

No love or honor for this country.

~Everything Has To Be Reformed

Source : [Ariel @Prolotorio1]

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