Vutomi Mabunda Takes Us Through The Journey Of Her Life

 Vutomi Mabunda Takes Us Through The Journey Of Her Life

Vutomi Mabunda Takes Us Through The Journey Of Her Life 


Tell us about Yourself, Career, What Keeps you Going, Your Strength and Weaknesses. Most of all who inspires you.?

VM : ” There’s lot to tell about me which I cannot fit in one article. I’d probably need to write a book. And lucky for me, this book exists in heaven and the Spirit of the Lord narrates each character to me every single day as I become.

I believe I am becoming, in all things. I use to dispise tough moments, bad days and challenges, until I came across a scripture that speaks of all things working together for my good. (Romans 8:28)”


“It was in that moment that I woke up to the truth that everything needs God in order to exist. Meaning that, even for a problem to exist, it needs God as it’s life supply. Once I discovered this, solving problems became easy, all I had to do is collect the life in it and leave the problem dead.”

“I’m still learning hey and I’m now enjoying the process.

I began to analyze my names. Vutomi and Abigail. Apart for their meanings, even the acronyms tell a story. I am Life in the morning (Vutomi. AM). Vutomi meaning life and Abigail meaning the joy of the Father. The Bible tells me that joy comes in the morning, and God himself is the morning star and the very joy we seek to receive. He is life, so he called me to be Him in the flesh. I am Life in the morning.”


“I am confident in this that, when all creation sees me, they see Him. It is because of this that I confess this to my maker Daily, that He be God in me, that he be God through me and that he be God as me.”

“Now, my gifts are all creative. And it is through this that I get to see the image I am of Him. I create like my Father. I am intentional like my maker. This I continue to practice and sharpen, that I may be accurate in all my doings. Living a purpose driven life.”

“I have gone beyond believing of God’s existence, now I know and am more interested in knowing about this God that knows everything about me.”

“Don’t you think it’s wise to know about the person that knows so much about you? Far beyond even you? I believe such a person can help me become a better person as well. When I come to know Him, I get to know me. That’s how I see this life journey.”


‘I may not know everything, but I know someone who does and He lives in me. And all I want is for Him to pour out his love to His people through me. I truly am Life. My parents were very prophetic when naming me. Right in tune to my devine destiny.”

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