Video of Chris Rock recalling childhood abuse resurfaces after Oscars slap

 Video of Chris Rock recalling childhood abuse resurfaces after Oscars slap

After being slapped by Will Smith on the Oscars stage, a video of Chris Rock recounting his childhood bullying and sexual abuse has resurfaced.

As part of his comedy tour, Rock performed in Boston on Wednesday night to a sold-out crowd. It was Rock’s first public appearance since being smacked on live television in front of the entire globe, and it instantly became a social media sensation.

On the red carpet for Hollywood’s Biggest Night, he made a joke about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, while presenting the award for Best Documentary Feature.

Rock exclaimed in front of the Oscars audience, “Jada, ‘GI Jane 2,’ I can’t wait to see it.” As a response, Pinkett Smith rolled her eyes. Rock was apparently unaware of the actress’s baldness diagnosis in 2018.

Smith raced to the Oscars stage after seeing his wife’s reaction and hit Rock across the face while cameras were rolling during the live event.

While the startling occurrence occurred on Sunday night, many people, including Rock, are still processing what happened, as he disclosed to the Beantown crowd.

The encounter was triggering and even perplexing for some. What are the chances of this occurring?

Smith was asked to leave, but refused, according to the Academy of Motion Arts and Sciences. He later won an award for “King Richard” for Best Actor in a Leading Role. Witnesses informed TMZ that the Academy lied, claiming that a producer told Smith that he was not allowed to leave.

Oscar hostesses Wanda Sykes and Amy Schumer have also expressed their displeasure with the news. The act “perpetuated prejudices about the Black community,” according to NBA icon Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Rock, evidently surprised after getting slapped in front of everyone, did not return the smack and continued on his way.

Rock’s statement can be gleaned from an interview he gave on the Howard Stern Show in September 2020.

Rock stated to The Hollywood Reporter that he was diagnosed with nonverbal learning impairment as an adult, meaning he has trouble recognizing nonverbal signs in social situations.

“I’m just an open book,” Rock said. “It’s also my way of apologizing to a lot of people without having to call them up. I’m a total weirdo.”

Rock goes on to say he only feels confident when he’s telling jokes.

“I suffer from big ego, low self-esteem. And when I say big ego, it’s only about telling jokes.”

While Rock is one of the most recognizable names in comedy after decades of success, he admits he often feels undeserving.

“I just feel unworthy of anyone’s attention, of anyone’s love, any accolades, just anything.”

Rock briefly talked about his childhood and described it as a “horrible existence.” He shared he attended an all-white school and was the frequent target of bullies, often being called racial slurs, being beaten by bullies, and enduring sexual assault, which he called “rape-ish.”

Rock grew up in Brooklyn and some of his events as a teen were chronicled in the sitcom “Everybody Hates Chris.”

“Chris Rock Ego Death World Tour 2022” is his first tour in five years.


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