UPDATE: In Lagos, A Lawyer Recounts Her Ordeal With Robbers.

 UPDATE: In Lagos, A Lawyer Recounts Her Ordeal With Robbers.

In Lagos, a lawyer recounts her ordeal with robbers.

Adunni Ade, a lawyer, described how she was assaulted and wounded after boarding a bus packed with robbers at GB Iyana Ipaja in Lagos.

Adunni, who expressed thankfulness for surviving the trauma, stated that it occurred on Thursday.

“On Thursday evening, 10/03/2022, about 7:30pm or 8pm, let’s just say I became really unlucky because I fell into the hands of the horrible animals dwelling among humans,” she explained. I work in Yaba and reside in Ipaja, not far from Iyana Ipaja. I had already arrived at Iyana Ipaja, all the way from Yaba, and I was relieved that I was halfway home. A minibus called Ipaja Ayobo was just in front of GB Iyana Ipaja, and in front of me was a woman in her 60s, I believe.”



“She boarded the bus first, and I followed closely behind. We had only just asked for the vehicle’s price when one of the alleged passengers from the rear suddenly appeared in front of me, and the next thing I heard was ‘blood of Jesus’, ‘blood of Jesus’ alongside me, and then they dragged the woman to the back seat and seated me in the center.

“The next thing I knew, I was trying to get off the bus and was terribly beaten after which they took my phone and asked me to remove my iCloud from it, and then they took my ATM, asked me for the pin, took all my valuables, removed all my jewelry, and beat the hell out of me, even suggesting that I borrow a million naira or start calling my family.”

“All of this happened while the bus was moving; we even stopped at a police checkpoint, but I was forced to lie down between the driver’s and front passengers’ seats, where they kept their legs on me and placed a bag over my face in case anyone needed to see into the bus.”

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