Two men set alight in Diepsloot after being ‘involved in house robbery’- report

 Two men set alight in Diepsloot after being ‘involved in house robbery’- report

On Monday in Diepsloot, Gauteng, two individuals were allegedly burned to death in a mob justice attack.

Two men, ages 21 and 24, were burned to death on Sunday after community members claimed they were involved in a house robbery. A murder investigation has been launched.

A group of four allegedly broke into a house in Sol Plaaatjie Extension Seven on Sunday night, according to a Diepsloot community member who did not want to be identified.

“One of the suspects threatened the victim with a gun to silence him when he tried to go outside to seek help,” the resident added.

“With a television, the suspects fled the victim’s home.”

The owner of the residence was allegedly brought to the hospital after receiving injuries during the break-in, according to the resident.

The men were well-known in the region, according to the local.

Another community member stated:

These young men are infamous for stealing, committing house robberies, and injuring local residents.
The furious community started on the hunt for the men, who were discovered in Diepsloot’s informal communities early Monday morning.

“Only three of the culprits were found in the community since one of them escaped following the event on Sunday,” the resident explained. “The men were beaten by the community until one managed to flee after drawing a gun.”

The remaining two young men were then frog-marched to a field and set alight by the enraged mob.

After her son was assaulted and necklaced, the mother of a mob justice victim demands answers. Dorothy Chauke witnessed her son’s murder at the hands of a lynch mob. He was charged with larceny. Her body is covered in burn wounds from the mob’s raid on her and Thato’s house. She was accused of keeping him in her house.

“One of the suspects’ mothers tried to persuade the community to stop, but the enraged community refused because they were tired of the suspects terrorizing them in their own community,” a resident explained.

Lieutenant-Colonel Mavela Masondo, a spokesperson for Gauteng police, said the department received a complaint about two people being assaulted in a field in Diepsloot Extension 13.

Members of the Diepsloot community have bunted down the house. Members of the Diepsloot community have set fire to the house where the suspects were storing stolen goods.

When police arrived on the scene, they discovered two victims whose bodies had been burned, according to Masondo.

“Both were declared dead at the scene. The victims are believed to have been assaulted by members of the community “Masondo explained.

Masondo stated that no arrests had been made because investigations were ongoing, but he cautioned people against such heinous vigilantism and taking the law into their own hands.

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