The Truth Why The Queen Has been CANCELLED on Mzansi Magic.

 The Truth Why The Queen Has been CANCELLED on Mzansi Magic.

The Truth Why The Queen Has been CANCELLED on Mzansi Magic.



The Queen, after six successful seasons, is sadly coming to an end. No one expected this Telenovela, which is produced by Ferguson Films, to come to an end. Yes, there have been complaints from viewers about the dull storyline, but we hoped that the producers would change it and that the channel would be merciful.

To be honest, M-Net, which owns Mzansi Magic, does not take chances when it comes to show cancellations. They canceled the show like it was no big deal. Mzansi Magic places a high value on the opinions of its viewers and strives to match their preferences.

Many shows, such as Isithembiso and Isibaya, have been canceled by the channel.

Isibaya was a popular show with a large audience, but it was unfortunately cancelled. The Queen is now following in its footsteps.

Mzansi Magic issued a statement on Friday announcing the cancellation of The Queen, following rumours that Ferguson Films dismissed as fake news but were later proven to be true.

The Queen will record their final and seventh season in July, which will air in January 2023.



The channel strategies for 1 Magic and Mzansi Magic have been revised, according to a statement, to keep up with changing audience preferences and the evolving competitor landscape.

Since August 2016, The Queen has been Mzansi Magic’s weekday 9pm offering, and it has reached unprecedented milestones such as 1000 episodes in August 2020 and a historic crossover episode with 1 Magic Telenovela The River, which was a first for Mnet local productions.

Last year, however, things changed, and viewers began to complain about the show’s boring and uninteresting storyline, prompting Mzansi Magic to cancel it.

Shona Ferguson, the company’s co-founder, died in July of that year. Connie Ferguson, the show’s creator and co-producer, also took a break to grieve. The plot deteriorated and lacked direction. Following that, it kept repeating the same storyline, which the viewers found to be extremely boring.

As a result of all of this, Mzansi Magic has had to cancel their contract.

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