The CEO of Kaizer Chiefs has sent a message to the Amakhosi Faithful.

 The CEO of Kaizer Chiefs has sent a message to the Amakhosi Faithful.

Kaizer Chiefs founder and chairman Kaizer Motaung has presented Amakhosi with a birthday letter in which he discusses the club’s inception, losing the 2020 title in the final 30 minutes, and the latest Covid-19 epidemic.

The Glamour Boys were formed on January 7, 1970, and today they celebrate their 52nd birthday, prompting Khoza to reminisce on the past.

“Well, I must say that this is the kind of day that will be remembered long after we’ve gone, because it’s a fantastic day.” Because this baby was born to offer some enthusiasm to the entire football community. And it’s one of the best days of my sporting career, in my opinion. “That day, we founded this magnificent institution known as Kaizer Chiefs,” he told the club’s media department.

“Because there was a need for change in soccer at the time we launched this thing.”

And it occurred at a time when we clearly had a couple hiccups with where we were playing at the moment.

The reasons are obviously history today; everyone is aware of Kaizer Chiefs’ history, how it was founded, and how it was born.”

Increasing the value of the Kaizer Chiefs brand

“However, the day itself will live on in our memories; it will never be forgotten.” What a crucial day this was. Because when we first started, there were a lot of naysayers who believed we weren’t serious and were just taking a chance. They had no idea that some of us, notably me, had a burning desire to be a part of something extraordinary. Great in the sense that I wanted it to be something South Africans could be proud of.

And I must say that I feel really vindicated, because some on the opposing side of us predicted that we wouldn’t even make it through one season. Right.

But we succeeded because we realized the issue, that this was a massive undertaking that required our full dedication, which meant that we had to devote our entire lives in this magnificent business, which we did.

“Of course, I owe gratitude to all of the other founding fathers who were present when this exercise began.” Because it would not have taken off without them. So we must constantly give gratitude to those who were present, especially those who have also left this world and have left us with the responsibility to continue the trip. So this is something I can be proud of as well, that our workout was not infertility-related, but rather beneficial. Because nowadays, every second or third person you encounter on Saturdays is a Kaizer Chiefs fan. It simply demonstrates the enormity of this brand and what it represents to people.

Overcoming difficulties and barriers

“I can’t go into the specifics of what we’ve done, but I’ll never forget that this brand has had a profound and significant impact on the lives of the people in this country.” And as we continue on our trip, we will, undoubtedly, face some difficulties. Because the road to where we are now was not simple. We knew the task ahead of us would be difficult, but we were determined to succeed and do what we had set out to do. And I sincerely hope that this trend will continue in leaps and bounds with future generations.

They’ll also need to know about the history of the product, as well as the origins of the brand. And they must understand its importance in terms of the people; it is about the people, not individuals, since we are here to serve them.”

“And I’m glad I’ve been able to assist people for so long with all of my other people.” I mean, with the assistance of people around us, those who have joined us on this trip. Because there are so many, it is quite difficult to single out one significant achievement or one significant day. And there have been some hurdles, obviously, it hasn’t been a bed of roses for us, since we’ve also encountered some stumbling blocks, some sad occurrences in which we lost the lives of others along the path.

Those of us who have gone in the traditional manner, of course, must always remember each of the people who have been a part of this journey and carry them with us, so that we can feel their presence whenever we look around. As a result, I’m not going to single out any particular day or accomplishment.”


“However, this day in particular holds a special place in my heart because it was the day this baby was born.” And now we look ahead as we continue on our trip. We are now in a very different context in terms of what has befallen the world over, the question of this COVID 19, which has indeed hit us pretty hard. Because, at the beginning, we planned to go to celebrate our 50th anniversary. And everything seemed to be going well until this thing hit us, and then we had to go play in terrible conditions. As a result, we were unable to realize our goal of finishing our 50th year with the league trophy, which was within our grasp until the final 30 minutes of the season.

“Of course, now that we’ve surpassed that milestone, the awful COVID-19 has persisted and is still present. It isn’t making life any easier for us. And, of course, we recently had an outbreak, which was unparalleled in the country, in which we had over 40, 50 individuals impacted, beginning with the people, which rendered us inactive because we couldn’t play our two games because the village had to be shut down. And, of course, we must never forget what has occurred to us as a result of the current pandemic. Of course, we express our heartfelt sympathies to those who have died as a result of the pandemic, as well as to all those who have been affected by the pandemic in many sectors of society. And we want to continue, hoping that as we move forward in this new normal, things will change.

“We recognize that technology plays a huge role in today’s world, so we work on different levels than in the past.” But, God willing, the status quo will alter once more, allowing us to live a normal life and enjoy what God has given us. We should thank God for His favors, for providing us with the strength and knowledge to carry on, and for sending the people because our mission is to serve and make people happy.

Fans, sponsors, the PSL, and the SAFA

“So, all I want to do is reach out to our supporters, whom we miss terribly now that the pandemic has struck, and say that we miss you.” However, things will shift and alter. And God will provide for us to resume our usual lives.

“I’d also like to thank our partners, who have played an important role in ensuring that we continue to meet some of the issues that require their assistance, as well as all of the sponsors and everyone else who has contributed to this magnificent brand.” Yes, we appreciate the sponsors’ contributions to our trip.

“Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t credit the Premier Soccer League, which currently oversees professional football in the country, for also being a part of our trip.” And SAFA, as well as everyone else who contributes to the growth of sport in this country. They’re all working to ensure that when our time comes, we leave a positive legacy for the next generation.

“I can only wish the best for everyone.” Everything is top-notch in the Amakhosi family. And let us keep the faith and keep the promise we made at the start to truly create this business into a global brand that can represent our country.


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