Sundowns will benefit from releasing one of their key players.

 Sundowns will benefit from releasing one of their key players.

Sundowns will benefit from releasing one of their key players.

Why is it necessary for Mamelodi Sundowns to released Sirino Gaston

Gaston Sirino has made it obvious that he does not want to play for Mamelodi Sundowns, and he is not on the coaching staff.

Former international Linda Buthelezi feels Mamelodi Sundowns striker Gaston Sirino should be released. Interviewed By Kickoff

Buthelezi claims that Sirino has made it known to everyone that he does not want to be at Sundowns and that he is not in the coaches’ plans.


“You have to remember that Gaston is Pitso’s player, and he’s always looking to leave.” Buthelezi

“Remember when Sundowns played the Egyptians, he was wearing Al Ahly’s shirt?” Sundowns aren’t respected.

“Attitudes formed among the entire squad when Rulani and Mnqithi took command, making him realize he was no longer wanted.”

“Unfortunately, he is not part of the three-coach plan, and I don’t believe the players would welcome him because of his attitude, which affected the entire team.”

“What does the fact that he wore Al Ahly’s shirt mean?” Psychologically, you are ruining people.

“As a result, he may not be as focused as he once was, and they must consider releasing him.”

Buthelezi claimed he could identify to Sirino’s plight because he went through something similar when at Mamelodi Sundowns years ago.

“It’s tough for a guy to bounce back if he doesn’t get along with his teammates,” Buthelezi continued.

“At a stage, I experienced something similar at Sundowns during Ted Dumitru’s era.

“With the likes of Kenny Niemach and Augustine Makalakalane, I was no longer happy, so there’s no need to stay.

“As a result, this boy’s attitude has deteriorated; he believes he is no longer accepted.”

“The coaches are well aware that selecting a guy who the other players dislike will destabilize the team.

“In this scenario, Sundowns should just let him go; he isn’t bringing a nice attitude to the town.”

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