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South African FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION President Danny Jordaan Strike At Ghana Football Association

Danny Jordaan

South African FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION President Danny Jordaan Strike At Ghana Football Association

The Ghana FA has reacted with a very aggressive response to SAFA’s protest about Senegalese match official Maguette Ndiaye, asking for FIFA to fine their South African counterparts for bringing them and the game into disrepute.

Jordaan, though, has insisted that the GFA claims are baseless and bit back himself.

“You cannot be schooled by a primary school teacher if you are a university professor,” he told Robert Marawa on Marawa Sports Worldwide.

“We have delivered a World Cup, it was voted the best ever World Cup on the African continent.

“We cannot be schooled by people who are just in their first year in administration and so we kept quiet.

“But also, it’s our democratic right to exercise the provisions and statues and exercise our rights.

“As I said, it was Senegal’s democratic right to look at the statues and exercise their options.

“No federation must cast aspersion if a particular federation exercises it’s right what they have to do is to submit proposal to amend the statues to say ‘no, nobody must question any decision of any match. Let us just leave it and amend the statues’.

“While those provisions are there, we are within our right to exercise it and we are exercising it on behalf of our federation, on behalf of the people of our country and we will not apologise to anybody for exercising our procedural rights.”

Jordaan also explained that it is not SAFA’s role to investigate the matter, but to provide enough evidence for FIFA to look into the case.

“An investigation is an investigation and they have to follow the leads,” he added.

“And when you ask for an investigation and say ‘can you investigate this particular aspect?’ You cannot then say ‘but you must submit’.

“You open a case at the police and they must investigate. They cannot tell you ‘go and bring all the evidence, you make the investigation and then you bring everything, we must just go court’.

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