South Africa Was Astounded To Discover That Rick’s First Child Is Not His.

 South Africa Was Astounded To Discover That Rick’s First Child Is Not His.

South Africa Was Astounded To Discover That Rick’s First Child Is Not His.



After a week of mourning, Riky Rick was laid to rest Tuesday. South was surprised to learn that the daughter who appeared to be Riky Rick’s was not his during the funeral services. Fans were left speechless as they witnessed Boss Zonke’s big heart as he treated Jordan like his biological daughter.

“Today I am here to pay tribute to my partner, my soulmate, Bubzie. When I think about nine years together, here are the things I am grateful for,” she began in her message to Riky Rick at his funeral, a small, intimate ceremony attended by those closest to the family.

Riky was described by Bianca as a selfless individual who took in a child who was not his. “He was an incredible father to Jordan, and the two of them had a special bond from the start. “She instilled in him a sense of selflessness,” she said, her eyes welling up with tears.

“Our journey as parents started at the beginning of our relationship. He was an amazing father to Jordan; they had the most incredible journey since day one,” she said.

“Riky and I were then blessed with our beautiful son, Maik. We loved taking family trips and he taught us to connect with the locals and immersed ourselves in the culture of whatever land we found ourselves in. He loved them deeply, he was their protector, biggest fan, and Mandalorian (American space Western television series) and he will continue to be.”

“He wanted me to shine and find what soul on fire, little did he know he was it.”

“Ours was a destined, preordained match as though God himself made it so we found each other in this lifetime. I was put in his life to love him, to help him on his journey to fulfil part of his purpose. Ours was a deep ,pure love,”

“Part of my role was to help elevate and shine his light into the world and I will continue. His love for me was honest, authentic, and transcendent, as mine for him. He often said that I was saving his life without realising. But he too was saving mine.

“My king, my heart, my forever love. Thank you for giving us all that you had to give in this lifetime. Thank you for choosing me, teaching me, and believing in us. I will forever be grateful for your gift of you. I promise to give our children all your love and might.

“To keep your memory shining brightly I promise to continue fulfilling your purpose and honouring your memory and make sure your legacy lives on, in your children, your work, the whole time. To the fans, friends, and family. I thank you for your love and compassion and understanding and embracing Riky’s energy.”


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