South Africa Fuel Prices will rise to R25 for a litre next week.

 South Africa Fuel Prices will rise to R25 for a litre next week.

LIMPOPO – South African motorists are reportedly likely to pay at least R25 for a litre of petrol and above R24 per litre for diesel by Wednesday,  July 6.

“The numbers we are seeing at the moment are R1.85 for petrol and R1.60 for diesel. Besides the fuel increases for petrol and diesel, you have to add the 75c fuel levy which will be re-implemented,” The Citizen quoted Automobile Associations (AA) Spokesperson Layton Beard as saying.

On June 1, the National Treasury granted the extension of the R1.50 fuel levy for an additional two months, until the beginning of August.

According to eNCA, Beard said that the longer the war in Ukraine continued, South Africa and the world would continue paying high fuel prices.

“It is in everybody’s interest that the Ukraine conflict is solved as soon as possible. But as long as that is continuing and as long as the SA rand remains weak against US dollar, the current situation that we have is not going to be eased very soon,” the report quoted Beard as saying.

Civil society Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) has called for the R1.50 petrol tax relief to be extended.

“Outa is not naïve enough to believe the state would scrap the entire fuel levy going forward, or at least certainly not during these times of heightened fiscal pressure. However, the fuel levy is one of the tax elements that government can adjust at short notice,” said OUTA

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