Slik Talk sorry for ‘Very Distasteful’ video about Riky Rick’s wife Bianca.

 Slik Talk sorry for ‘Very Distasteful’ video about Riky Rick’s wife Bianca.

Slik Talk sorry for ‘Very Distasteful’ Video About Riky Rick’s wife Bianca.

Slik Talk Apologizing To Riky Rick’s Wife Bianca
South Africa, Bianca Naidoo. Slik Talk.

Slik Talk has issued a half-a**ed apology to Riky Rick’s wife Bianca Naidoo following his insensitive and offensive remarks this week.

On Thursday, 3 February, the celebrity commentator dragged the spouse of the late rapper in a scathing attack in a since-deleted YouTube video.

In it, the law graduate claimed that Bianca was inadvertently responsible for the death of her husband, after he reportedly committed suicide last week.

In a new video uploaded on his YouTube channel, Slik Talk expressed his remorse for his remarks about the Cotton Fest founder’s wife.

“I apologise to Bianca Naidoo, Riky Rick’s wife, for the video I made about her. It was extremely insensitive, very distasteful. I was out of order.

But Slik Talk went on to justify why he said his comments.

“It’s just that Riky Rick was such an impactful guy to the culture, that I just want to know what happened. What led up to that decision and why he did what he did.

” I was just speculating, I didn’t think the video would do what it did. I uploaded the video and deleted it in 30 minutes. But there were already clips on Twitter”.

“I hope the video didn’t get to you. And if it did, just know I am apologetic about what I said”.



The vlogger then went on to praise Riky Rick’s “beautiful” memorial service held on Friday.


Following a snippet of his video being posted on Twitter, many tweeps expressed their view on his apology.

Some felt that it was ingenuine…

“Appologies mean nothing… if you’ve already said what you said,” said one tweep.

Another added: “I am sure the lawyers gave him a call, this just proves dont run your mouth if you cannot back it up”.

Whilst others applauded him for admission of guilt.

“Thank you for apologizing. It takes guts to know you were wrong”, said one tweep

“What I love about him .. When he is wrong, he comes back and says sorry”, said another .

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