Slik Talk Responds To Big Zulu Threats: “You Smell Like Cow Pee”.

 Slik Talk Responds To Big Zulu Threats: “You Smell Like Cow Pee”.

Slik Talk Responds To Big Zulu Threats: “You Smell Like Cow Pee”.



“So I wake up this morning to find that Big Zulu has threatened me, saying that if he sees me, he’ll slap me.

“Nobody is afraid of you and those fucked dreads, those worn out dreads, no one is afraid of those blankets you had in your head, my nigga. Big Zulu was the same man I met at Cassper Nyovest’s boxing match, and he smelled like cow pee. He’s become a tough fucken guy all of a sudden.

“Big Zulu you’ve been running from seven years and  for months now. Seven years he has been the one smoking with you. Seven days he called you out on Twitter saying he wants to see you live on a boxing match and instead of accepting the boxing match like a real man or declining. You scared of Siv Ngesi. what did you do?. You  preferred to do some  hoemophobic things and use a hoemophobic comments.

“My man nobody is scared of you and your tough guy talk my nigga. I never liked you as a rapper, I don’t respect you as man. I think your music is garbage, Your raps are trash, The only reason that I’ve got to listen to your music and I’ve got to support your career,  it was because i actually like the fact that you were humble, you come in from KZN and you never changed, you were yourself.

“All this tough guy talk that you’re doing my nigga I don’t know you, you look unfamiliar my nigga.  Just because now you’re in the industry and you’ve worn 1/2 days my nigga, now allbof the sudden you’re a tough guy, people should be scared of you. My nigga get the fuck outte in here.

“I Just saw a video of Big Zulu now with Bonang and this man was acting like a simp. This man was holding Bonang didn’t wanna let go, acting like a simp, Get the fuck outta here Big Zulu.

“Nobody is scared of you bro, you’re not a tough guy. Stop acting tough on social media. Font let Twitter hype you up my nigga, You not this tough guy that you proclaim to be. You just got in two years ago and now all of the sudden you want  everyone to be scared of you. You don’t people to talk about Big Zulu.

” Here is the thing Big Zulu:’ I’ll make you a bet, if you can be a guess in a boxing match then you can see me my nigga, until then get the fucken outta here.  All that tough guy talk doesn’t mean a shi* my nigga. No all of the sudden you wanna call a guy like me out? . I address the things that I’ve said in that video it true, you were acting like clout-chaser my nigga”.



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