Sithelo Shozi Slam Shauwn Mkhize.

 Sithelo Shozi Slam Shauwn Mkhize.

Sithelo Shozi Slam Shauwn Mkhize.




Dr Shauwn Mkhize responded and showed love to Zola 7 after a call to action from South Africans on Twitter to assist him get back on his feet. However, Sithelo Shozi now claims that it was merely for clout.

The reality TV personality recently shared videos of herself spending out with Zola 7 on Instagram. She praised him for coming to see her and her son, Andile Mpisane, and even took him out for a Bentley ride.


She also urged the general public to keep up the wonderful work in assisting the singer. She urged other notable figures, such as Patrice Motsepe and Minister Nathi Mthethwa, to contribute as well, so that we, as a country, can ensure that the Kwaito legend does not fall between the cracks like other celebrities before him. It would be a pity to abandon him now after all the assistance he provided to poor SAns during his prime.

On social media, the decision has been widely praised. Many people have reshared photos and videos of Andile and Shauwn chilling with Zola 7, applauding the mother-son duo’s generous nature.

Sithelo Shozi, on the other hand, is not misled. She took to Twitter shortly after the photos went viral to call BS on the whole thing, calling it a publicity hoax done solely for the purpose of gaining clout. Despite the fact that she did not address the couple by name, her fans immediately recognized who she was talking about, as the story was still buzzing.

She isn’t the only one who thinks their compassion about Zola 7 is phony. Nota Baloyi, a music entrepreneur, was likewise disappointed by the viral videos. He called her a liar on Twitter. He claimed that if she truly wanted to help people, she would support Kamo Mphela’s career rather than sending her untalented son to the United States. Ouch!

Ntsiki Mazwai was another member of Mamkhize’s detractors. She claimed that cameras were unnecessary and that giving him a ride in a Bentley was not the best approach to assist him. She would have volunteered to pay his medical fees if she had truly wanted to assist him.


They think that Mamkhize essentially forced Zola 7 grovel in front of her for the entire country to witness, and that other than bolstering their own egos by having the artist and the entire country worship them, they did not provide him with any genuine aid.

what are your thoughts? Was it merely for the sake of clout? Could this have been done in a less public setting? Or are the mother-son duo justified in how they assisted, and these three are being critical for no apparent reason?

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