Since meeting Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez has forgotten about her family.

 Since meeting Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez has forgotten about her family.

Since meeting Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez has forgotten about her family.



Georgina Rodriguez will tell the world about her “dream life” with fiancé Cristiano Ronaldo when her Netflix reality series begins this week.

Spending time on boats with Manchester United’s star player, flying by private jet, and spending £27,000 on two bottles of excellent wine and £146,000 on handbags.

The Spanish model, who will be 28 when the show premieres on Thursday, declares in a promo clip for I Am Georgina that she knows what it’s like to “not have anything — and what it’s like to have it everything.”

She believes she will never forget the household she came from before Cristiano Ronaldo, a 36-year-old Portuguese footballer said to be worth £790 million, entered her life.

However, some members of that family have accused the influencer of abandoning them after she married Cristiano and gave birth to their four-year-old daughter Alana Martina.

Cocaine worth £100,000
Georgina’s uncle, Jesus Hernandez, has called her “evil” for cutting out her family when her father was imprisoned for a drug-smuggling plan.

“She may feel ashamed of us and think she’s better than us since we don’t have her luxury,” he remarked.

“I’ve never asked for anything from her.” Since I learned out she was dating Ronaldo, she has only called a couple of times.”

“When it was my son’s birthday, I asked if she could get Cristiano to sign a jersey for my baby, and she responded ‘No’ — she wasn’t going to bother him because he was on vacation,” said her half-sister Patricia Rodriguez, 33.

Meanwhile, Georgina’s grandmother passed away three years ago at the age of 80, without ever meeting Alana Martina.

Georgina experienced a difficult childhood. Jaca, a city in north-east Spain, was her hometown.

Ana Maria Hernandez, her Spanish mother, met her Argentinian father, Jorge, after he relocated to Argentina.

However, a day before her fifth birthday, he was detained in connection with a botched attempt to import more than £100,000 of cocaine from Spain.

Georgina trained as a ballet dancer and worked as an au pair in Bristol before moving to London to study English.

She went on to become a model, return to Spain, and work in a Gucci boutique where ex-Real Madrid player Cristiano shopped — and her life was forever transformed.

Georgina, who is now expecting twins, flies aboard the footballing tycoon’s £20 million Gulfstream G20 plane.

She took it to Lapland before Christmas with Alana Martina and Cristiano’s three older children from before they met — Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, 11, and twins Eva and Mateo, four years old.

They all paid £1,500 each night for a cabin vacation to see Santa.

She sparkled in £78,00 diamonds at the Venice Film Festival last September.

Cristiano recently gifted her a £103,000 Louis Vuitton trunk to house her glittering collection, which is said to be worth £2.6 million.

The pair spent £2,600 for a hairless sphynx cat in 2018.

‘She might be ashamed of us and think she’s better than us because we don’t have her privileges.’ I’ve never asked for anything from her.

After a £12.85 million move from Juventus last year, he earns £480,000 per week at Manchester United, and the couple’s £3 million, seven-bedroom Cheshire property includes a cinema room and a four-berth garage for part of his £17 million fleet of supercars.

This is a far cry from Georgina’s childhood, when her uncle Jesus assisted with her upbringing.

“I was responsible for providing for Georgina and her sister, buying them clothes and paying for their energy and water,” he explained.

“I was in charge of everything. Georgina lived with me during her adolescent years until my brother-in-law was deported to Argentina.”

Jesus, his wife, and their child live in a two-bed property in south-east Spain for just over £650 a month.

He is incensed. Georgina has never told him where Jorge is buried after he died three years ago in Argentina at the age of 70 after suffering a stroke.

“No one told us Jorge had died,” he continued on Spanish television. I’m not sure why Georgina did not inform us. I’ve made several attempts to contact her.”

“I wrote on Cristiano’s Facebook, ‘You’ve got the most terrible woman at your side,’ and ‘if you want to know, call me, and I will tell you,” he continued.

“She stopped calling her uncle and grandmother the day she gave birth,” his companion Lidia revealed.

“We tried calling her, but her phone number seemed to have changed.”

“Now everyone will see what a scumbag she is.

“How come she didn’t inform us that her father had passed away?” Things like that don’t get hidden.”

Georgina states in her Netflix promo video that when she met Cristiano five years ago, “everything changed for ever,” and that “my life is a dream” because of love.

“She’s the woman I’m completely in love with,” he exclaims.

She is an unquestionably faithful girlfriend and dedicated mother, and Cristiano has already commended her for bringing joy into his life.

“Geo has been a tremendous assistance to me,” he stated. She’s my children’s mother, and I adore her.

“I open my heart to her, and she opens her heart to me.” “I’m overjoyed with her.”

“The children are our delight,” Georgina remarked of their home life.

‘Dad’s criminal background’.

We get up and the first thing we do is hug and kiss them, then put them in their little chairs and watch them as they eat their breakfast — making sure they have everything they need, and so on all day.

“”For all of us, this is a truly unique time.”

Her 30 million Instagram followers will undoubtedly tune in to her Netflix show, which is now available in 190 countries.

“I’d be astonished if she went into detail about her father’s criminal past or animosity between her and part of her mother’s side of the family,” a person close to her family said earlier this week.

“She’s made her feelings for big sister Ivana known, but the rest of her family is largely unknown to her admirers.

Georgina has always made her affection for her older sister, Ivana, extremely apparent, but her followers know very little about the rest of her family.

“We’ll see Georgina as she wants fans to see her, faults and all — not the real Georgina.”

Juana Escarabajal, who died of heart failure in 2013, told Spanish television that she was disappointed that Georgina had not presented her to her daughter.

“I only saw my great granddaughter in a photo that Georgina sent when she was very young,” Juana revealed in an interview published by The Sun on Sunday.

Ana Maria, Georgina’s mother, and Dolores Aveiro, Cristiano’s mother, are both absent from the presentation.

“It’s my show, and they’re not in it because circumstances didn’t call for it,” Georgina remarked this week.

“My sister, mother, and I have always been a family and very united,” she said.

My mother visits Manchester, as she used to do when we lived in Turin and Madrid.”

Georgina’s half-sister Patricia — the daughter of Jorge and his former relationship — is another family member who isn’t on the show.

“I would like to be with him but haven’t been able to see him for seven years because of the cost of getting to Argentina,” she stated prior to her father’s death, when he needed a full-time nurse after his stroke.

“It pisses me off that Georgina has only seen our father once in all this time.” My father often expresses his longing for us.”

The family and Georgina have not commented further after their interviews.



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