Sergio Agüero’s Clarifications Shocked Everyone

 Sergio Agüero’s Clarifications Shocked Everyone


Sergio Agüero’s Clarifications Shocked Everyone 

Sergio Agüero Finally retires from football because of illness that is a threat to his life.

Sergio Aguero: “This conference is to let you know that we have decided to leave the world of football.”

”I thank my family who have supported me from the start, and also my teammates who have helped me improve.”

“I am proud and happy for my career, I have always dreamed of playing football. My dream was to play football. I never thought I would make it to Europe.”

“My health comes first. Medical staff have told me it’s best to stop playing and so I’m now leaving Barcelona and retiring from professional football”

“I always dreamt about playing football, since I was five years old.”

Today, I leave with my head held high.”

“I don’t know what awaits me now. I know there’s a lot of people that love me and want the best for me.”

“I wish the best to all my teammates, because the truth is that they are very good teammates and they deserve the best.”

“Since I arrived here everyone has treated me very well. I did not experience it elsewhere, they are very big fans, I have noticed it on the street… Young and old.”

“I want to share my gratitude to everyone, regardless of where I’ve played – Atlético Madrid — Manchester City – Barca.”

“Once the days passed, I had hope but with a calm head I knew I couldn’t go on.”

“It happened now at the age of 33. Thank God it happened to me now and not before… I am very happy with my career.”

“There are many moments in my career that I will never forget. The goal with Independiente against Racing when I was 16 years old. It was the first great goal I scored. With Atletico in the Europa League without forgetting my goal with City Queens Park Rangers.”

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