Senzo Meyiwa Trial | Teffo outlined his motivations for picking up the Case again.

 Senzo Meyiwa Trial | Teffo outlined his motivations for picking up the Case again.

Advocate Teffo is back on the Senzo Meyiwa murder trial.

On the Senzo Meyiwa murder case, attorney Teffo Masilela is back. This comes after his withdrawal earlier this month, which he justified by claiming that, in his capacity as the four men’s legal representative, the state had turned against him.

In his withdrawal, Teffo continued to accuse the government of planning to have him arrested on April 28 inside the courtroom.

However, advocate Teffo recently wrote to the Pretoria high court stating that he will continue to serve as the legal counsel for the 4 accused men, according to a letter obtained by BN RSA.

Teffo on Thursday tweeted that:

“I was reliably informed that the involvement of a sangoma in this case was to cause me to collapse inside the court. This is witchcraft aimed at destabilising the defence for accused 1 – 4 and myself being the main target in this regard,” Teffo on Twitter on Thursday

“The sangoma was fortunately witnessed by all the parties, when coming to consult with Judge Maumela in his chambers, at the time we were with him.”

Teffo further said Maumela started taking a concoction in the form of liquid drink every time the court was in session to achieve the said goal of collapsing him inside court. Teffo started to have nightmares after the sangoma came to court and Maumela’s ill-treatment against him increased more than ever before.

“This is the main reason I decided to withdraw from the matter, after I informed my clients and the attorney. It was not difficult to explain my situation to the accused and their relatives, including Sifiso Meyiwa (Senzo’s brother) as African people.

Teffo withdrew as the legal counsel for accused 1 -4 citing harassment from the Judge and the State.

“Be informed that I’m not going to withdraw in this matter and give the State underseved due. We have since resolved my withdrawal issue with the relevant stakeholders in this matter and I am still the defense Council for accused 1 to 4.” Said Advocate Malesela in a letter.

“Therefore, the resolution in this matter is for the national director of public prosecution to grant application brought by accused 1 to 4, in terms of provisions of s6(b) of the act.”

Advocate Teffo also assured that he is now ready to expose corruption that’s within the SAPS and NPA.

“It is time to deal with institutionalised corruption within the South African Police Service and the National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa. I am prepared to deal with this corruption, no matter how hard you are trying to destroy me. I am ready for the judges, magistrates and the racist Legal Practice Council you are using to tarnish my good and reputable character. I fear not evil.”

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