REVEALED: Zola7 Become A Millionaire Thanks To Shauwn Mkhize, The owner of RoyalAm.

 REVEALED: Zola7 Become A Millionaire Thanks To Shauwn Mkhize, The owner of RoyalAm.

Zola7 has just become a millionaire thanks to RoyalAm owners Shauwn Mkhize and Andile Mpisane.

Zola7 has been in need of assistance, and Mzansi has been praying for him. Since the death of rapper Ricky Rick black, Twitter has been on the lookout for Zola7, and they have finally located him. Zola has benefited greatly from MaMkhize and her son, Andile Mpisane. MaMkhize has tracked down Zola and has taken him for a ride. She is the first to track him down and sit with him. After the visit of MaMkhize and other celebrities, Zola7 has been trending for the past two days, with people wanting to know about his urgent health condition.

MaMkhize and her son Andile are often in the news, for both good and bad reasons. According to sources, MaMkhize has bestowed R10 million upon Zola7. According to Dimpho Mphahlele, Shawn Mkhize, and her son Andile Mpisane, Zola7 has been handed R10 million to cover all of his medical expenditures and to provide for his family.

“Zola was reportedly granted R10 million by Shawn Mkhize and her son Andile Mpisane,” the caption reads. Mamkhize and her child, Andile Mpisane, have 7, R10 million for our living legend Zola’s medical fees as well as money to support himself and his family.” She penned something.

Mamkhize initially saved Bloemfontein Celtic, and now she is saving South Africa’s legend. While some may accuse her of being a con artist seeking power, she is at least accomplishing something that many others have failed to do. For years, Zola7 had been unwell and no one wanted to help him.

MaMkhize and her son Andile Mpisane, who came to Zola’s aid, are to be praised. Godspeed, Zola!

This is a good gesture after she was called a clout-chaser when she show Zola7 love. She ( Shauwn Mkhize) just showed her critics how it is done.

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