REVEALED | It has been revealed who the two last eyewitnesses to Senzo Meyiwa’s murder were and how they were slain.

 REVEALED | It has been revealed who the two last eyewitnesses to Senzo Meyiwa’s murder were and how they were slain.
Senzo Meyiwa, Advocate Teffo Malesela. Picture By : Nkanyiso Sikelela Africa.

Unpacking Senzo Meyiwa murder investigation bungle: Police must tell South Africa who, within their ranks, allowed two different teams to investigate one case: team 1 reporting directly to minister Bheki Cele while team 2 to former commissioner Khehla Sitole.

They must also explain why Maggie Phiri was not arrested on the spot for interfering with the crime scene, after she admitted cleaning up the house before police arrived. They must tell South Africa why no single statement, from everyone who was in the house, was taken that night.

The people who were inside the house must tell South Africa why they didn’t call the police or ask for help. It was only a neighbour, a retired cop, who blew a whistle to alert the others and personally called the cops. One cellphone, that was in the house, was never handed over.

Two potential eye witnesses, Thabang Makelane and Simphiwe Ngwenya, who were sitting on the street corner that night, are both dead, Simphiwe was shot and Thabang was allegedly poisoned. Thabang’s girlfriend was told to clean his room where he died and throw away everything in it.

Senior police officers arrived at the scene that night, to do what exactly? Who was in charge of all the police that were there that night? Why no statements were taken from all the cops that come to the crime scene. Where did everyone who was in the house sleep that night?

The NPA must tell us which of the two investigating teams they recognise and why? They must also tell us which one of the two dockets they have built their case on? And what informed them to disregard the other docket over the other. The dockets have two sets of suspects, why so?

Can we have the names of everyone, police and neighbours, who was or came to the house? Can we have all the phone calls made by everyone who was in the house, before and after, Senzo was killed. Where is towel that used to stop Senzo from bleeding when he was rushed to hospital?

What happened to the mastermind, why he or she not in the dock? What happened to the R150k reward? How many people were arrested and questioned over Senzo’s murder? What happened to the so-called getaway vehicle? Why these 5 suspects were arrested? Who is paying their legal fees?

QUESTIONS: Who does the hat belong? What gun was used to kill Senzo, a revolver or a 9mm pistol? Who found the cartridge, where was it and when was it found? Amongst the arrested suspects, who had dreadlocks back in October 2014 and why did he cut them now?. How come none of the statements recently read in court (statements from neighbours) never mentioned anything about coming across a hat upon entering the house, this was before the police arrived!.


Who was the original lead investigator in this case and why was he or she removed? Who took over from him or her, and again why was he or she removed? Who are the names of Senzo killer’s that his own father Sam gave to the police in May 2015. Who was his source?.

1. Who vandalised Senzo Meyiwa’s tombstone in the Heroes Acre cemetery in Chesterville, Durban in December 2020, 2. Where were the security guards when the tombstone was vandalised, 3. What message the culprits are sending to the Meyiwa family, 4. Was anybody ever arrested?

Senzo was buried in November 2014 but this how I found his grave when I first visited there in July 2020. The whole Captain of the national team as well as Orlando Pirates. I made few phone calls and SAFA decided to erect a tombstone in October and in December it was vandalised.


I was happy that at least I did something for Senzo, got him a tombstone he deserves as a national soccer hero buried at Heroes’ Acre Cemetery then boom his tombstone was vandalised, by who and why, I honestly don’t know and still puzzled about this to this day.

How much was spent on Senzo Mewiya’s funeral?

Who used Senzo’s phone for more than 24 hours after he was killed? Why only one phone was stolen that night while there more than 8 different cellphones, including a iPhone, in the house that night? Who was the first person to be called after Senzi was killed and why that person?

Who took Tumelo Madlala to visit Senzo’s grave in the middle of the night after the Mewiya family barred him from attending Senzo’s funeral? Why was Mthokozisi Twala kidnapped and tortured by the police, what lies they wanted him to say in his affidavit?.

Source : Mzilikazi WA Africa

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