Revealed How Muti(Charm) Were Used To Defeat Amakhosi

 Revealed How Muti(Charm) Were Used To Defeat Amakhosi

Revealed How Muti(Charm) Were Used To Defeat Amakhosi


How Usuthu Beat Amakhosi Using Muti
In the first edition of our new feature called “My Muti Story” former Bafana Bafana striker George Dearnaley reveals how a dead goat helped AmaZulu beat Kaizer Chiefs in the 1992 Coca Cola Cup final.

On that day underdogs, Usuthu upset a star-studded Chiefs side at FNB Stadium that featured the likes of Lucas Radebe, Neil Tovey and Doctor Khumalo 3-1 to be crowned champions.

“You know the week before AmaZulu were playing the Coca Cola Cup Final, we went to the Drakensberg,” Dearnaley

“We were staying in one of the hotels there, Clive Barker wanted us to get used to the altitude you know.
“When we were leaving the Drakensberg Drive to Gauteng, we were driving in two minivans. Then one of our vans hit a goat outside Harrismith or something.

“Then the traditional guys suggested there was muti involved there, saying that we killed that goat for a reason so we must take it with us to Joburg.

“That time the goat is lying on the road it’s bleeding. Then Clive was going crazy saying ‘no, no, no! We are not putting a dead goat in the van with the players with blood and everything’.

“So there’s a whole squad everyone having a debate on the side of the N1 freeway to Joburg, three days before the cup final talking about this goat.

“Then Junior Njiyela, assistant coach and team manager said if we leave the goat there then we won’t win. He said there was no chance because it’s bad luck, it’s a bad sign, and we must do the right thing.

“We drove to the nearest village, we found the Induna and told him what had happened.

“We gave him the goat as a gift, and they gave him some money and then I think he gave something back to us, I won’t say what, some Impepho or something I don’t know what.

“Then on the day of the final, in the dressing room, before the game, he told us ‘when the whistle starts for the game, nobody must cross the halfway line, nobody’.
“Only I think Bonga Shusha and Ace Nzimande.

“They are the only two that must go over the halfway line. They must run to the Chiefs goal area, put something there, come back over the halfway line, then we can play.
“That’s all I’m telling you.

“I watched that game again a month ago for the first time in 20 years, and I’m telling you Chiefs should have scored seven.
“They scored one, and we scored three.”

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