Reasons why Mason Greenwood could technically return to Manchester United next week

Mason Greenwood

Reasons why Mason Greenwood could technically return to Manchester United next week


According to information provided by The Athletic, Mason Greenwood could return to Manchester United as early as next week.
Greater Manchester Police are looking into allegations of rape, assault, sexual assault, and death threats against Greenwood. He is currently out on bail and has not been charged with any of the aforementioned crimes.

Man United’suspended’ the 20-year-old after the allegations were made public. As of Sunday this week, he will have been’suspended’ for two weeks, allowing him to return to the fold in theory.

Greater Manchester Police are still looking into Mason Greenwood (pictured).
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Premier League clubs are only allowed to suspend players for two weeks on full pay, according to legal information provided in The Athletic’s report. Greenwood COULD technically return the following week.

The nature of the allegations against Greenwood, as stated in the report, makes it unlikely that he will return to Old Trafford in the near future, but it’s still fascinating to learn about the legal ramifications of this delicate situation.

This should serve as a lesson and if he didn’t learn from it.. then it will be doomed for him. He has a bright future ahead of him and he’s still young.

History must not repeat itself if given an chance to revive his career again.

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