Kaizer Motaung Finally Speaks Out Regarding the Psl Verdict

 Kaizer Motaung Finally Speaks Out Regarding the Psl Verdict


In December, Amakhosi failed to show up for two games: a home game against the Citizens and an away match against Abafana bes’Thende.

It’s unsurprising that Kaizer Chiefs boss Kaizer Motaung is ‘dumbfounded’ by the PSL’s decision to dock the team points for missing matches against Cape Town City and Golden Arrows because to the Covid-19 outbreak.

After a long period of silence on the Chiefs’ destiny, the PSL ruled against the Glamour Boys right before Christmas.

If the club was genuinely as badly affected by Covid as they allege – and you’d suppose they have the Covid test results to prove it – there was nothing more they could have done but not to show up for those games.

Finally, it’s tough to see what the Chiefs could have done differently, and punishing them for attempting to do the right thing in terms of the health of their players, staff, and everyone else they came into touch with, including other teams, seems excessive.

In his end-of-year address, which was published on the Chiefs website, Motaung repeated those concerns.

“Our recent experience of not being allowed to postpone matches in the aftermath of the Covid-19 assault has left us speechless,” he stated.

“This has also drawn a lot of attention to the league’s operations, and we must ensure that this scenario does not tarnish the organization’s excellent name.”

“We hope that in the end, sanity and reason triumph, and that the PSL continues to serve as an example to many leagues throughout the world.” We must also learn from the experiences of other world-class leagues.”

Precedent set?

Last season, when Cape Umoya’s bid to the PSL to have a match postponed due to a number of Covid-19 instances in their team was denied, it was argued that a precedent had been formed. The Cape Town Spurs, Cape Umoya’s opponents that day, were given a 3-0 walkover, which was also affirmed during arbitration.

In this situation, the adage “two wrongs don’t make a right” comes to mind. It’s pointless to repeat a mistake; instead, admit that you made a mistake.

It’s also worth remembering that when the Umoya judgement was handed down, far less was known about Covid-19, and there had yet to be a vaccination rollout.

The one key to remember is that we are living in unusual and uncertain times; nothing comparable in recent history has posed such a significant, specific, and potentially deadly threat to the entire planet.

As a result, more flexibility and compassion may be considered.

In several cases, games have been postponed rather than points being forfeited in some of the larger European leagues.

Another factor to consider is that the match between Umoya and Ajax took place about a year ago.

That episode should have prompted the PSL to establish more detailed procedures for the next time a team was badly interrupted. It was only a matter of time before something similar occurred.

The PSL has had international and continental acclaim for decades.

“Because of how professionally it is conducted, the PSL remains one of the best leagues on the continent.” “We continue to be proud of everyone’s efforts,” Motaung correctly stated.

The Chiefs’ catastrophe, on the other hand, is threatening to ruin their name, and the issue of divided loyalties or conflict of interest has resurfaced.

Not unexpected, given that Motaung, as well as Cape Town City manager John Comitis and Golden Arrows owner Mato Madlala, who also serves as the league’s acting CEO, are all members of the PSL Board of Governors.

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