Paul Pogba’s Brother Attempted To Extort Him

 Paul Pogba’s Brother Attempted To Extort Him

Paul Pogba’s Brother Attempted To Extort Him.



Shock reports have emerged from France suggesting that Paul Pogba’s brother is part of a gang that tried to extort the midfield star out of millions of euros.

Startling claims have reportedly been made by one of Juventus’ biggest transfer window signings in Pogba.

The deep-lying playmaker has accused his brother, Mathias, of being part of an organised gang that dragged the 29-year-old to a Paris apartment and demanded the 2018 FIFA World Cup winner pay them €13 million (R218 million) in March.

With the former Manchester United star going to French authorities to report the attempted extortion, he has stated that the men in questioned took him to a flat and insisted he is in debt to them as they had been protecting him discreetly for more than a decade.

The gang members were said to be armed with assault rifles the night of Pogba’s abduction, and have reportedly been threatening the Lagny-sur-Marne native for the past four months.

It is alleged that the acts of intimidation were carried out while he was still playing for the Red Devils and have since followed him to the city of Turin, where he now plays his football for Juventus.

According to Franceinfo, source close to the case have revealed that Pogba’s older brother and childhood friends of his have been named as suspects.

This comes after Mathias Pogba posted a strange video on social media on Saturday night, in which he claimed he would soon make “explosive revelations” about the midfielder.

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