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Nigerians Are Not Permitted To Participate In Military Operations In Ukraine.

Nigerians, Ukraine.

Nigeria has stated that its citizens would not be conscripted to fight in Ukraine, where Russian forces are pounding cities and shaking neighborhoods with gunfire.

This comes after allegations of purported recruiting of volunteers in the country to fight for Ukraine’s side.

According to Nigeria’s foreign ministry, the Ukrainian embassy denied any involvement in the claimed exercise.

According to a government statement, the embassy verified that a number of Nigerians approached it stating their intent to join the battle.

The embassy further denied accusations that it was charging each Nigerian volunteer $1,000 (£800) for a flight ticket and visa.

“Nigeria prohibits the use of mercenaries anywhere in the globe and would not allow the recruiting of Nigerians as mercenaries to fight in Ukraine or anywhere else in the world,” a spokesperson for the ministry said.

It comes only days after Senegal issued a warning to recruits enrolling to combat Russians in Ukraine.

It also ordered the Ukrainian envoy to remove a Facebook post in which Senegalese volunteers were encouraged to join the war effort.

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