Nevada Man Charged for allegedly beating 5-year-old son to death.

 Nevada Man Charged for allegedly beating 5-year-old son to death.

Gerald Oglesby beat his 5-year-old son to death after arguing about bedtime.

NEGERALD- Oglesby, 33, called 911 and told the dispatcher that his 5-year-old son was unresponsive. He explained last time he saw him breathing was about 13 minutes before he placed the call. First responders arrived at Oglesby’s residence on the 700 block of Center Street in Henderson, Nevada and saw a child lying on a couch with obvious injuries to his face and torso. The first responders attempted lifesaving methods on the child, but he was pronounced dead at the scene. The child was later identified as General Sema’j Oglesby.

According to an arrest complaint obtained by news outlets, earlier in the day, Oglesby saw his son watching something on television that he did not approve of. He used the cable wire to whip General, causing his chin to start bleeding.

Later in the day, Oglesby and his son were arguing about going to bed. Oglesby used a phone charger to whip him multiple times on his arms, backside, and jaw. He then punched him in the abdomen, which caused the child to have difficulty walking. General went and laid down on the couch, where he started throwing up. Oglesby told police he could tell by the color and smell of the throw up that something was not right.

Oglesby noticed that General was in distress, but he did not want to call for help; he did not think anyone would understand his punishment methods, and he did not want to lose custody.
Knowing General was in pain, Oglesby tried to comfort him by lying with him and rubbing his body, which made him realize General was unresponsive.

Oglesby tried to see if a cold ice pop would get a reaction from his son, but it did not. When he realized General was not conscious, he tried to do CPR. Oglesby told police General took two fast breaths and stopped breathing; he knew he was dead. While waiting to call 911, he texted his sister and told her that he killed General by whipping him too hard.

A downstairs neighbor told police he has heard loud noises which she believed sounded like a body being thrown around. The woman reported the loud bangs went on for two hours.

The child’s mother had been fighting for custody since Oglesby had been awarded custody in February 2021.

Oglesby was charged with Open Murder. His next court date is April 3, 2022.

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