Chicco Twala on Senzo’s murder: ‘My son and Kelly Khumalo know the truth’

 Chicco Twala on Senzo’s murder: ‘My son and Kelly Khumalo know the truth’
Chicco Twala

Chicco Twala says his son Longwe Twala and Kelly Khumalo know the truth about who killed Senzo Meyiwa and has questioned why they are silent.

“My son, Kelly Khumalo and the others who were present know the truth. Someone cannot be shot in their presence and they are all silent about it. They know who killed Senzo; my son knows, Kelly knows and everyone else who was there knows.

“I must be excluded, I was not there and I am not part of it. I have said it before as well that I am not going to protect my son; if he is the murderer trust me I will come out in support of all the people who want the perpetrators to be jailed. I will never protect him.”Chicco Twala

In a statement circulated on social media, Twala said that his arrest is a “victory” for him and a “defeat” for the “evil” people who have linked him to Meyiwa’s murder.

“Finally I got arrested for pointing a toy gun to two men whom I thought were cable thieves who caused a blackout to six houses at my recording studios . For me, my arrest is victory to me and defeat to all the evil people who portray me as a Mafia who is behind the Senzo Meyiwa’s killing. My arrest is proof that I am not above the law and I can be arrested if any person lays criminal charges against me.
No one is above the law.
The complainant laid criminals charges and the police did their work by charging and locking me up.
Haters on social media claim that I bribed judges,police including Beggie Cele whom I don’t even know to protect my son who is accused by haters of killing Senzo Meyiwa.
Where will I get that kind of money to bribe all these powerful people?
Also why must I defend a killer?
For me my arrest is a blessing and victory to proof to my haters that I am not above the law and no police or judge will protect me if I commit crime. I am texting from my cell as we speak waiting for my lawyers to bail me out but overall I am happy that it happened.
To my haters have fun and celebrate my arrest.”


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