MPUMALANGA | A 17-year-old boy stabbed by 3 of his girlfriends.

 MPUMALANGA | A 17-year-old boy stabbed by 3 of his girlfriends.

17-year-old boy stabbed by 3 of his girlfriends.

Believe when they say ‘Mjolo is an extreme sport’ and it’s only for the brave.

A 17-year-old boy from Dayizenza in Mpumalanga was savagely stabbed on his lungs by 3 of his girlfriends, all from the same class.

The school confirmed the news that 17-year-old Owami Mbokane was indeed stabbed after school on Monday due to relationship matters and he was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital. His injuries were life threatening.

After the incident, it was established that Owami was popular for dating more than 10 girls in the same class or school sometimes. It was further alleged that the boy has been playing girls since from primary school.

The police were called by the school and the three girls who stabbed him were questioned. Neither of them denied their wrong doings as they told the police that they were tired of always fighting each other for him.

“Yes we agree we’ve done Owami wrong, but we were tired of being played by Owami. We used to always fight for him as girls and he’d hurt us in return. We then decided to fight him back instead of fighting for himm.” One of the girls told the police.

The father of Owami, whom is a medical doctor at Robs Ferreria, was extremely angered by what the girls did to his son and he vowed to fight for justice to served.

“Yes! I know Owami did very wrong by using such young beautiful children.” Owami’s father acknowledged

“But what I don’t understand is for them to try killing him, because even us we once became kids… we also dated, used, worse part some were even denied after falling pregnant, but they were not killing them or hurt them.

“So, why my son was hurt? I will fight with all I have for justice to be served! I almost lost a son after all and they’ll be he’ll to pay.” He promised.

The matter was since left in the hands of the police in Mpumalanga who promised Owami’s father that justice will be served. Owami remain at the hospital fighting for his life. The police are also waiting for him to regain his speech so that they can get a statement from him and continue with the case.

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