Mitchelle Blair | The Mother Who Tortured Her Children And Hid Their Bodies In Her Freezer For Years.

 Mitchelle Blair | The Mother Who Tortured Her Children And Hid Their Bodies In Her Freezer For Years.

Mitchelle Blair, in court, USA,

Mitchelle Blair, in court, USA,


Mitchelle Blair: The Mother Who Tortured Her Children And Hid Their Bodies In Her Freezer For Years

During what was supposed to be a simple eviction, authorities made a horrifying discovery in a freezer in the home of Mitchelle Blair that sent shockwaves throughout Detroit.

In 2015, Mitchelle Blair was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for killing two of her children

In 2015, Mitchelle Blair, a 35-year-old single mother who lived on the east side of Detroit with her four children was facing eviction from her home for nonpayment of rent. Her relatives told authorities that she was always calling them asking for money and could never hold down a job for any period of time, eventually, her family told her to get a job and go back to school and refused to give her any more financial help.

The Horrifying Discovery In Mitchelle Blair’s Home

On March 24, 2015, Mitchelle Blair was served an eviction notice, however, she wasn’t at home. A team from the 36th District Court entered the property to carry out the eviction and started removing furniture, the next thing they removed from the home wasn’t furniture, and it

sent shivers through the hearts of the local community as well as the entire nation.

Hidden inside a white deep freezer that was in the living room of the property, they discovered the frozen body of a teenage girl that had been wrapped in a large plastic bag. When the police attended and removed the body of the girl, they found another body, this one was a boy and hidden right underneath her.

Upon questioning, a neighbour quickly told authorities where Mitchelle Blair was, it didn’t take long before police found her with two of her children, aged 8 and 17, at the home of another neighbour. Her other two children, 9-year-old Stephen Gage Berry, and 13-year-old Stoni Ann Blair were both missing.

Shortly after Mitchelle Blair was arrested on the suspicion of murder, when the police took her away, she said to them, “I’m sorry.”

Authorities removed the bodies and took them to a morgue where they were left to thaw for three days so an autopsy could be performed. The bodies were identified as the other two children, Stephen Berry, and Stoni Blair.

The medical examiner ruled that their deaths were homicides and determined that they had been kept in the freezer for at least a couple of years.

The Murders Of Stephen Gage Berry And Stoni Ann Blair

At the Wayne County Circuit Court, Mitchelle Blair confessed to both of the murders. She explained to Judge Dana Hathaway that she had killed her “demons” after finding out that they had been raping her youngest son – this was a claim that has never been substantiated.

Mitchelle Blair explained to the court that in August 2012 she came home to find her son simulating sexual activity with a doll. Blair then stated that she said to him, “Why are you doing that? Did anybody ever do this to you?”

He apparently told his mother that his brother Stephen had, she went upstairs to confront him. Blair claimed that he confessed, and that’s when she started kicking and punching him, before putting a bin bag over his head until he lost consciousness.

Mitchelle Blair explained how she had poured boiling water repeatedly onto his genitals, causing his skin to peel off. She later forced Stephen to drink Windex and wrapped a belt around his neck, lifted him up, and asked, “Do you like how this feels, choked with a belt?” Blair said he lost consciousness again.

Stephen finally succumbed to his injuries after two weeks of torture and died on August 30, 2012, this is when Mitchelle Blair put his body in her deep freezer.

Nine months after she had murdered her son Stephen, Mitchelle Blair claimed that she found out that Stoni had also been raping her youngest son. She started brutally beating her and starving her until she also died in May 2013.

Blair claimed that she was going to hand herself into police, but she said that she changed her mind after her youngest son had told her that he didn’t want her to go.

Stoni’s body was put into a large plastic bag and put into the freezer on top of Stephen. Blair then continued to live in the property as if nothing had happened.

The bodies of Stoni Ann Blair and Stephen Gage Berry were in the deep freezer for almost three years, they had absentee fathers and Blair had taken them out of school stating that she was going to home school them, this resulted in no one looking for them. Whenever neighbours would question her on the whereabouts of the children, she always had an excuse.

The Mother Showed No Remorse For The Murders

Mitchelle Blair told the judge that “she did not feel any remorse over her actions. They had no remorse for what they did to my son. There was no other option. There’s no excuse for rape… I would kill them again.”

Prosecutor Carin Goldfarb said that they had found no evidence of rape.

Wayne County Circuit Judge Edward Joseph terminated Mitchelle Blair’s parental rights of the two surviving children. The CPS (Child Protective Services) put both of the children up for adoption.

In June 2015 Mitchelle Blair pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree premeditated murder and is now serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Blair is serving her sentence at the Huron Valley Correctional Facility in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

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