Masechaba Ndlovu Speaks Out About Her Rape Scare.

 Masechaba Ndlovu Speaks Out About Her Rape Scare.

Masechaba Ndlovu Speaks Out About Her Rape Scare.

Masechaba Ndlovu has spoken out about her alleged rape ordeal at the hands of her ex-boyfriend Jub Jub:

‘I felt humiliated and ashamed.’ I kept it a secret from everyone.’

Ndlovu alleges she dated Jub Jub while she was a teenager and a virgin in an affidavit that was leaked to the media.

If his mother, Mama Jackie, inquired, Jub Jub raped her and told her to “bring a notebook and pen” and “pretend to be a journalist coming to interview him.” Jub Jub advised her to purchase morning after pills the next day.

“Molemo made popcorn while we watched a movie.” Then we kissed, and he asked that we go to his bedroom in case his parents returned.

“We kept kissing.” He tried to persuade me to have sexual relations with him. I told him I wasn’t ready, and I kept saying no and pushing him away. Because he was on top of me, I even used my knees and legs to push him off.”

“He said it would be quick and that I should relax. We were engaged in a physical struggle. He eventually overpowered me, pulled my legs open, and penetrated me after I became physically exhausted.

“At this point, I was completely numb and in shock.” I ceased fighting. I was rendered immobile. The experience was brief and agonizing. “I put on my clothes and went home.”

Masechaba claims Jub Jub ordered her to take emergency contraception the next day.

“Molemo called and asked if I was familiar with morning-after pills. I’d never heard of them before. He told me that I needed to go to the pharmacy and get morning after pills to avoid becoming pregnant. “I followed the instructions.”

“It was an embarrassing experience.” I couldn’t tell my mother because I had lied to her about my whereabouts, and I was afraid of getting into trouble for going to a boy’s house. I was ashamed and embarrassed, and I didn’t tell anyone.”

Masechaba also talked about how the experience affected her years later.


“I shut the entire experience from my mind, and as a result of the trauma, I went years without having sex.” I couldn’t or wouldn’t confess to myself that I’d been raped.”

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