Mandla Ncikazi slammed Rhulani Mokwena for retaliating!

 Mandla Ncikazi slammed Rhulani Mokwena for retaliating!

The verbal WAR between the Orlando Pirates and Mamelodi Sundowns continues.

Mandla Ncikazi, coach of Orlando Pirates, has slammed Mamelodi Sundowns coach Rhulani Mokwena for retaliating!

Yes, you read that accurately. Mandla Ncikazi responded to Mokwena’s latest comments, escalating the feud between the two heavyweight coaches.

The Orlando Pirates coach raised some eyebrows by referring to his latest signings as ‘Pick n Pay’ products while stating Mamelodi Sundowns are recruiting ‘Woolworths’ players.

Ncikazi’s statements did not sit well with Mokwena, who questioned his leadership abilities, and the Buccaneers coach has since responded!

He has a grudge against me, Orlando Pirates coach!

“I’d like to apologize to the supporters of Orlando Pirates for my comments about Woolworths and Pick n Pay.” – Mandla Ncikazi told Thabiso Mosia on SAFM.

“I didn’t mean to offend anyone. There’s already comments from other teams and because of that I won’t say anything further because I think that person (Mamelodi Sundowns’ Rhulani Mokwena) has an issue with me and Pirates.

“I don’t even want to clarify myself cos I don’t want to cause anymore controversy. Especially after the person who commented said those things. He has never had anything nice to say about me or Orlando Pirates anyway.”

Rhulani Mokwena hits back at Mandla Ncikazi!

“I don’t want to talk about the Woolies comments, I don’t want to talk about that because if I speak, let’s just leave it there.” Rhulani Mokwena said as quoted by IDiskiTimes .
“For me, the biggest thing is what does it say to his own players? And I know the Orlando Pirates players because I worked with them, and I don’t want to say much about it.

“I don’t want to go into that space. It’s a difficult comment to make and maybe he’s got his own logic why he made that comment and maybe it’s for the media to interrogate that statement.” Rhulani Mokwena continued.

“You guys must interrogate that statement – ask him what does he mean by that! Because, to be honest, if you’re a Orlando Pirates player and you hear something like that I’m not sure how you’ll feel.”

What was the coach of the Orlando Pirates originally quoted as saying?

What precisely did Orlando Pirates coach Mandla Ncikazi say to elicit such a reaction from Mamelodi Sundowns’ Rhulani Mokwena?.

“Some teams are playing with development players, getting young players. Most developments were closed, SAFA was closed but Mamelodi Sundowns buys at Woolworths, and we buy at Pick n Pay and Spar.” Mandla Ncikazi said.

“If Spar and Pick n Pay are closed we can’t buy, I think it’s a scenario like that, they buy what’s ready, maybe that’s the difference, we (Orlando Pirates) just need to be competitive.”

After defeating Al Ahli Tripoli 2-0 away from home, Orlando Pirates have qualified for the CAF Confederation Cup final.

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