Limpopo man ‘spotted in Gauteng’ – weeks AFTER his burial

 Limpopo man ‘spotted in Gauteng’ – weeks AFTER his burial

Over the holiday weekend, we received a bizarre tip from Limpopo, claiming that a young guy who had been buried only WEEKS before had been discovered alive and well in Gauteng.


The alleged ‘coffin dodger’ has caused a firestorm of speculation in the local community, as well as online. In Mzansi, the story has piqued interest.

The finding of what was inside the casket when it was dug up has also alarmed observers, and to put it this way… Inside the coffin, there were no *human* remains.

  • The teenager was initially ‘buried’ in Ha-Gelebe – in the Thohoyandou region of Limpopo.
  • It’s believed the boy was pronounced dead in March 2022, and subsequently laid to rest.
  • However, the 18-year-old was then allegedly spotted in Gauteng at the end of last month.
  • Sure enough, when the coffin was exhumed, there was no body inside – just a creepy-looking doll.
  • Several regional news sources ran the story over the weekend, prompting a viral reaction:



One notion that has gathered currency in recent days is that the adolescent has managed to fake his own death. However, this can have major legal ramifications.

If our very own ‘Lazarus’ staged his death in order to file an insurance claim or commit identity theft, he will be at the mercy of the South African legal system. However, if there was no money or criminal element involved, the adolescent would not have violated the law.

The boy’s family believes that their son has been turned into a zombie, which is causing them pain because they buried him. However, they later discovered that he is living amongst the human beings walking around the streets of Johannesburg, which prompted them to dig up his grave to see if their son was truly buried there or not, but surprisingly, he wasn’t inside the coffin but rather inside a Doll. This is so unexpected that it has had the community talking and concerned about what really transpired.

As additional information becomes available, we’ll update you.

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