Latest updates on Dumisani Zuma’s future at Naturena

 Latest updates on Dumisani Zuma’s future at Naturena

The Kaizer Chiefs star has recently returned from suspension and rehabilitation for bad discipline, intoxication, and driving. He was suspended again with the same code of conducts shortly after his return from rehabilitation.

However, his most recent blow aggravated his predicament and jeopardized his career.

Dumisani Zuma’s future at Naturena is questionable after being suspended twice in a short amount of time.

Just as the Amakhosi fans were getting thrilled about Dumisani Zuma’s comeback, the team punished him for another unsporting act.

Dumisani Zuma was reportedly not on the list of players who would depart Naturena at the conclusion of the season, but the tone of the management appears to have altered today.

Dumisani Zuma will be dismissed at the end of the season because the team considers him a liability who consistently violates the club’s code of conduct.

Insiders claim that Kaizer Chiefs have tried everything they can to assist Dumisani Zuma and have provided him with several opportunities, but the player has once again disappointed those in management who believe in him and his abilities.

Dumisani Zuma appears to lack the support of even one single Kaizer Chiefs board member, implying that his departure is imminent and there is no hope for him.

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