Kaizer Chiefs Updates new twist and Tune on Musa Noah Kamara.

 Kaizer Chiefs Updates new twist and Tune on Musa Noah Kamara.

Kaizer Chiefs new twists and tune on Musa Kamara.

Kaizer Chiefs have been interested in Musa Kamara in the past months.

Due to passport issues that were reportedly being held by Bo Rangers to prevent him from leaving, the top elite star’s trip to South Africa for a trial with the Amakhosi based club did not take place as planned.

Musa Kamara is still a player of Bo Rangers, and any club interested in signing him must contact them, according to a club statement later issued by the organization. Additionally, it states that Musa Kamara is under contract with them and is not a free agent.

continued, “The news that is going viral is causing conflict between the club and the players, which is bad for the club.”

Musa Noah Kamara later denied it in the media, saying that “He is a free agent because he has no contract with the Bo Rangers. Bo Rangers damaged his reputation by making depraved remarks about him and preventing him from traveling to South Africa for a Kaizer Chiefs trial.”

Musa Noah Kamara claims that his flight was canceled just before he was scheduled to travel to South Africa for his Amakhosi Trial. Kaizer Chiefs lost all interest in him as soon as his club issued the club statement because they never wanted the Dax incident to happen again.

Musa Kamara’s contract with Bo Rangers was recently terminated due to a lack of discipline.

For the fans of Kaizer Chiefs, it was a relief because they had assumed that Kaizer Chiefs would go after their man, but they had no idea that it would not be the case.

NMMABUNDA Media, however, can confirm that Musa Tombo Kamara has a new team after Bo Rangers Rangers terminated his contract. He joined Al ltthad. Musa Noah Kamara, who will be introduced as their new striker, is anticipated to be in Tripoli on Friday, September 2nd.

A major setback for Kaizer Chiefs supporters who were hoping Musa Tombo Kamara would join the Glamour Boys.

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