Kaizer Chiefs set to promote their MDC defender to the Senior team

 Kaizer Chiefs set to promote their MDC defender to the Senior team


According to the source, McCarthy was offered a senior team contract by the club two seasons ago, but his family didn’t want him to sign as they wanted the defender to concentrate on his studies.

The source says Chiefs have offered McCarthy a senior team contract again, but he could turn it down again as he is busy with his studies

“If there is one thing about Aden is that his family wants the best for him. They know that football is something that can end in a short space of time. He is one of the few players who are in varsity in the squad, others are still in high school,” said the source.

“There is a lot of them (players) that would make it to the senior team, and Aden is one of them. A disciplined boy who just wants to play football and make his family proud.”

Aden is the son of former Chiefs defender Fabian McCarthy. And his father is said to be always there to support him and guides him well in his football career.

“I like what Fabian is doing, he supports his son, he wants him to do his best. So, I think Aden is lucky because his father used to play for Chiefs and he knows the pressure of playing for a big brand like Chiefs. What I heard is that boy has been offered a senior team contract.

But his family wants him to finish his strides first, concentrate in his studies and not become big headed. There are lots of players who went for football and stopped their studies. In the end, football is short career and what are going to do after that?. So, hence I say Aden is lucky to have someone who has been there before.”

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