Kaizer Chiefs set their sights on the KZN star.

 Kaizer Chiefs set their sights on the KZN star.

Kaizer Chiefs have been advised to sign a top winger.

Mfundo Thikazi is a good player and has a bright future ahead of him.

I rate Thikazi very highly I’m sure you all know that.

However I’m of a view that Thikazi would struggle at Chiefs his profile of a player is still maturing and in a team like Kaizer Chiefs were there’s no coaching at all and player’s do not improve he won’t help us.

We need players who take charge on the field of play players who will stamp their authority on the field of play player’s who play with aggression,Winning attitude,hardwork and determination Thikazi is not at that level.

Since Kaizer Chiefs has dropped its pursuit for Mayo and Mendieta i don’t see even a single signing in the PSL that can come and improve the team.

We need players who will come and add value even when the coaching is bad established players for example even under all bad coaching Du Preez received he managed to score 9goals with 4assists for us that’s something it shows that established quality will always show up.

Look at Maart even though we are not coached he has managed 4goals as a Midfielder with 2 assists irregardless of the coaching that’s established quality.

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