Kaizer Chiefs closing in on a West African midfielder

 Kaizer Chiefs closing in on a West African midfielder


Kaizer Chiefs targeting African Star midfielder from West Africa.

According to reports coming out of Tanzania, the Kaizer Chiefs have discovered a diamond in the form of Feisal Salum, who has impressed the Kaizer Chiefs hierarchy. Feisal’s movement on and off the ball has impressed the Scouts.

Feisal Salum, a midfielder for Tanzania’s leading club Yanga FC, is regarded as one of the best in the country, alongside triple C Clatous Chota Chama, although Feisal has the advantage of being only 24 years old.

Feisal Salum possesses excellent technique and physicality, as well as the versatility to play anywhere in the midfield when required. Feisal Salum is frequently used as a central midfielder, and he can influence and control the game’s tempo.

However, Kaizer Chiefs are wary of signing him, having learned their lesson with the recruitment of Tanzanian league player James Agyakum Kotei.

According to insiders, Arthur Zwane and Dillion Sheppard, the Kaizer Chiefs’ soon-to-be head coaches, have requested a full assessment, including video footage taken by scouts in Tanzania and all stats, to determine the value of Feisal Salum and to see if he fits into the Kaizer Chiefs’ DNA.

Arthur Zwane doesn’t want to make the mistake of signing players who wouldn’t deliver at the end of the day. They are looking for players who are hungry to play and to carry the heavy badge of Kaizer Chiefs in their shoulders and make things happened.

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