‘Kaizer Chiefs Can Have The Three Points’: John Comitis 

 ‘Kaizer Chiefs Can Have The Three Points’: John Comitis 

The SAFA arbitration verdict in favor of Kaizer Chiefs, according to Cape Town City Chairman John Comitis, is “another bad day for South African football.”

SAFA arbitration determined on Friday that the two games that Chiefs refused to show up to after their covid outbreak in December should be replayed.

City, who traveled to Johannesburg for the game, and Golden Arrows, who Chiefs lost to on Saturday in the reverse fixture, were among the teams involved in the yet-to-be-scheduled matchups.

After receiving the news, Comitis told Marawa Sports Worldwide that it is a “sad day for local football,” as attorneys have once again circumvented football laws.

“Ja, I just heard this as well,” Comitis told Marawa Sports Worldwide.

“I’m sitting here trying to relax on the weekend, but turning out this is a dark day for football in South Africa.

“It is a dark day for football in South Africa. I am flabbergasted,” said Comitis in the interview with Robert Marawa.

“What happened to the PSL disciplinary committee? We allowed this thing to reach this point because we did not act and the prosecution did not act.”

“I am very disappointed for football because they came up with this decision in terms of administration laws and we call them football laws. What happened to the football laws that we all proscribe to?

“Why are we worried about the dispute resolution chambers when we can all bypass, jump the queue, and gun and get a decision made at an arbitration? We cannot have this.”

“It is the credibility of the league that is at stake. It is not about the three points. They can have the three points.

“I wonder if I can give them the three points, will they charge me? They can have them. It will make no difference to Kaizer Chiefs, we can still be on top 8 ,” added Comitis.

“Chiefs is pleased with the results”

“Now that the matches will be played, it is in the interest of football that points should be won or lost through matches played on the field of play as opposed to the boardrooms.” Kaizer Chiefs

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