“I’m a 61-year-old nan and I’m desperate to have kids with my husband 24′.

 “I’m a 61-year-old nan and I’m desperate to have kids with my husband 24′.

NO KIDDING I’m a 61-year-old nan-of-17 & proud to have taken my 23-year-old man’s virginity – our sex life is ‘great’

A NAN in a 37-year age gap relationship has revealed how she is desperate to have kids with her 24-year-old husband.

Cheryl McCain, 61, is married to Quran McCain and the pair first started dating in 2020 and have been inseparable ever since.

Quran lost his virginity to Cheryl and now the pair are trying for a baby together

The pair are now looking into surrogacy and adoption to grow their family.

Quran said: “We were initially hoping to conceive naturally, but due to age that isn’t likely.

“We know it might be a bit unconventional, because Cheryl might not be around for as long as I am, but she trusts that I’ll be a great father.

“Our family is very supportive of our decision.”

The influencer lost his virginity to the gran-of-17 when he was 23 and she was 60.

Quran says the couple’s sex life is great, and he has no regrets.

He said: “When it comes to only being with one person, I don’t see that as a problem.
“Personally, I don’t think sex is something you should share with just anybody, no disrespect to people who do but that’s not for me.

“I think that’s it’s a sacred ritual, and it should be shared with someone special.”

Quran claims he doesn’t feel he missed out by choosing Cheryl to be his first.

He said: “Our sex life is great, and marriage hasn’t changed that.

“I feel like I’ve had a lot of experience, even if it is just with one person.”

Cheryl is Quran second girlfriend, but his first girlfriend refused to take his virginity.

He said: “I’ve had one girlfriend before Cheryl, but she broke my heart when I was about 15.

“I thought I was going to lose my virginity to her, but she had more experience than me so she wasn’t interested.

“After that I didn’t really see anybody or talk to anybody until Cheryl, honestly no one was really interested in me until she was.”

Quran says he has no issue with Cheryl being the only person he’s ever been with.

He said: “Life is short, so I don’t think you should waste time trying to have experiences when you’ve met the person you love.

“I feel like I have enough experience to know what I want, and I think that’s a really big misconception that people have.

“People think you have to experience the world and have all these learning experiences.
“I don’t have any regrets about the decisions that I have made – I put my all into this relationship!”

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