“I won’t let People Tarnish my name.” Somizi Hitting On Ali Boy

 “I won’t let People Tarnish my name.” Somizi Hitting On Ali Boy

“I won’t let People Tarnish my name.” Somzi Hitting On Ali Boy

Somizi rubbish Ali Boy’s claim

“I hate this, why do people always want to take advantage of others by blackmailing them or manipulating them, stuff like that. Here’s the story, there’s a guy Ali Boy, He called himself Ali boy.I have known him for more than 2 years and we have been chatting and it lead to us flirting, everything became flirtatious. I want him, he wants me”, he said in the video.

“I told him that you can’t do that without my permission, he said he would pay me and sort it out. I told him that my management is shitting on me. Six months down the line on Sunday. Ali has a company that he runs and He posted a flyer with my picture in my name saying I going to be a judge.I confronted him and say ” Ali you can’t do this” without my permission.  He then said He was going to pay me. I then see poster again. I told him to remove the picture or pay me, I gave him until Monday,” said Somizi.

“I am making it clear that I did not want to do the gig for a sexual favour, not at all, I did not want to be a part of it because Ali scams people and is fraudulent, my picture on the poster was fraudulent”, he said.

Here are the Whatsapp Conversations Between Somizi and Aliboy As Posted By Somizi On His Instagram :

“I’m not going to allow anyone tarnish my name, enough is enough ” concluded Somizi

Ali Boy said Somizi was aware of the event and they have been communicating about it.

“Somizi got angry because he wanted me for so long. He wanted me to f*ck him. He wanted me to have sex with him,” explained Ali Boy

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