Georgina Rodriguez Disclosed How Her Relationship With Cristiano Ronaldo Began

 Georgina Rodriguez Disclosed How Her Relationship With Cristiano Ronaldo Began

Georgina Rodriguez Disclosed How Her Relationship With Cristiano Ronaldo Began


SHE once took the bus to work in a shop and was picked up by a £1.5 million Bugatti sports car.

Georgina Rodriguez is one of the most popular women on social media because she is Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend.

I Am Georgina, a new Netflix documentary about her life in the lap of luxury, premiered on Thursday to commemorate her 28th birthday.

Expect nothing less than a candid account of her rise from humble beginnings.

Despite her hints at a difficult upbringing, the show portrays a rosy picture of the woman in the life of Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

There is no mention of the rape allegations leveled against him in 2005 and 2009, which were later dropped, nor of family tensions stemming from claims from relatives that the model has shut them out.

Despite her claim that “nothing in life has come easy,” I Am Georgina is the television equivalent of her Instagram account, featuring a peaceful marriage, beautiful children, and lavish spending.

Georgina recalls Ronaldo picking her up from her job as a sales assistant at a Gucci store in Madrid in the early days of their romance, saying, “I’d get there on the bus and leave in a Bugatti.”

“I went from selling luxury items to walking the red carpet wearing them.” I’m the wife of the world’s most popular man, and I have millions of followers.”

She is expecting twins and is the mother of their four-year-old daughter Alana.

Cristiano Jr, 11 years old, and twins Mateo and Eva, four years old, are the footballer’s other children, whose mothers are unknown.

Georgina teases a rags-to-riches tale, but the first two episodes of the show barely scratch the surface.

Georgina teases a rags-to-riches tale, but the first two episodes of the show barely scratch the surface.

Ronaldo was first accused of rapping Kathryn Mayorga in a Las Vegas hotel 12 years ago, after she waived her right to anonymity.

He paid her $375,000 in an out-of-court settlement in 2009, despite the fact that the former model and schoolteacher later claimed she had signed the contract under duress.

Her attempt to sue Ronaldo for £56 million over leaked documents was dismissed by a judge last year.

“Rape is an abominable crime that goes against everything that I am and believe in,” the striker said in 2018 in response to the allegations.

Georgina’s uncle Jesus Hernandez, who called her “evil” for not telling him where his late brother Jorge, her father, is buried, is also absent from the Netflix documentary.

Jorge passed away in the year 2019.

“I wrote on Cristiano’s Facebook, ‘You have the most evil woman at your side,’ and, ‘If you want to know, contact me, I will tell you,” he said.

Instead of tackling those difficult subjects, the documentary revels in displays of dizzying extravagance.

Georgina opens the doors to their homes in Turin and Madrid, as well as their private jet and £5.5 million yacht, where Ronaldo spent three seasons with Italian giants Juventus from 2018 to 2019.

I’d get lost every time I went to Cristiano’s house the first time I went there. Because I didn’t know the way, it would take me half an hour to return.

She claims it took her some time to adjust to his opulent lifestyle, which included the £4.8 million pad he purchased in Madrid when he signed for Real in a then-world-record £80 million deal in 2009.

The mansion, which is located in the opulent La Finca residential estate, features indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a gym, and a football pitch where Cristiano Jr can be seen honing his skills.

Two Rolls-Royces, Ferraris, and a Bugatti are among the supercars on display in the showroom-style garage.

“The first time I went to Cristiano’s house, I’d get lost every time I went to the kitchen for water,” Georgina laments.

“Because I didn’t know the way back from the living room, it would sometimes take me half an hour.” It was enormous. I’d been used to living in small apartments since I was a child.

“After a half-year, I was able to figure out where everything was.”

Georgina is seen instructing an interior designer on a makeover to make the decor “more homogeneous,” saying: “Don’t mix patterns with marble, with lights.” Do not purchase plastic flowers. “Don’t buy any new books.”

Their £40 million property portfolio also includes a Turin mountainside mansion with two adjoining villas, which became their home after Ronaldo agreed to a £100 million transfer to Juventus.

Georgina reveals she dreads the prospect of another move in a video shot before Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United last year, which saw the family relocate to this country.

“I love living in Turin,” she says. Everything is in close proximity. We go to the snow if we want snow.

“We go to Milan for a more cosmopolitan day.” If we want to be near the sea, we go to Monaco.

“Staying in Turin is contingent on a number of factors, the most important of which is Cris. In that sense, I don’t ask for much because, at the end of the day, I’m content at home.

I went from selling high-end merchandise to wearing it on the red carpet. I have millions of followers and am the wife of the world’s most popular man.

“I work from home, I look after my children, and they are ecstatic wherever we go because we have the means to enroll them in the best schools and extracurricular activities.” But I’d like to stay for a while.”

Georgina is seen flying to Paris on the couple’s private jet, which has leather sofas and monogrammed pillows, to visit Jean Paul Gaultier’s studio.

She enjoys trying on dresses in preparation for her trip to Cannes.

“The jet makes travel easier,” she says, demonstrating her acclimatization to the lifestyle. I’d go insane if Cristiano forced me to spend two hours in an airport with him. “I don’t want to go.”

She invites her “darlings” — a close-knit group that includes pals from her Gucci days and big sister Ivana — to a Grand Prix weekend in Monaco on board their 90-foot yacht, CG Mare.

We learn that the gang was summoned by a last-minute text.

“With my sister, you always have to have your bags ready,” Ivana says.

“You never know what’s going to happen next.” You’ll miss out on the adventure if you blink.”

Georgina’s conversation with a travel agent about their upcoming summer vacation, in which she rattles off a list of requirements for their private villa, is another jaw-dropping moment.

“Many rooms and a private pool,” they say, “as well as easy access to the dock for a smaller boat and a piece of land to walk with the kids without having to leave the villa.”

She goes on to say that a gym isn’t necessary because “we’ll bring the machines” if there’s a spare room.

Georgina is perhaps most enthusiastic about her designer clothing, shoes, and handbags.

I don’t consider myself a phenomenon, but I do consider myself a lucky woman because I’ve experienced both having nothing and having everything.

“I adore Hermes, Gucci, and Prada,” she exclaims. It has a very feminine feel to it. Louis Vuitton is one of my favorite brands. Decathlon is one of my favorite sports! Nike is one of my favorite brands. All brands appeal to me. My personal style is quite distinct.

“They’ve tried many times to change my style, but I don’t wear it if I don’t feel like myself.” I don’t want to put myself out there feeling insecure.”

Georgina appears to have resisted hiring a nanny and drives her own car to school… albeit with a security guard in the driver’s seat.

“I’m thankful I don’t have to get up at 7 a.m. and get home at 9 p.m. like many mothers,” she says. I have the financial means to stay at home.

“I’m aware that I have the ability to care for the children on my own. To me, they are everything.”

Georgina was born in Argentina and raised in the Spanish province of Murcia, where she developed a “strong maternal instinct.”

“Before going to school, I would play with my little kitchen and the cribs,” she recalls from her childhood.

“I’d leave them ready so that when I returned, I could take them for a walk around my tiny home.” They were well taken care of.”

“They are something I always dreamed of — having a big family,” Ronaldo says of the children, who are his “whole life.”

“I’m overjoyed to know that (Georgina) is the perfect person to raise and educate our children, as well as love and care for them.”

“With four kids, three of them are basically toddlers, and if you don’t have a mother to support you in that way, I think you fall short, even if you’re the best dad in the world.”

Georgina is keen to portray their daily lives as normal when it comes to the children.

I’m a huge fan of Hermes, Gucci, and Prada. It has a very feminine feel to it. Louis Vuitton is one of my favorite brands. Decathlon is one of my favorite sports! Nike is one of my favorite brands. All brands appeal to me.

“We’re just like any other family,” she says. We eat breakfast together, Cris leaves for training, and I prepare whatever needs to be prepared.

“If I have to take care of the house, I’ll do it, or go on a vacation, go on a trip, work on a future career project, or spend time with my kids.”

My home is my temple, a place where I can relax and find the peace I require.

“I have a strong sense of belonging; I am valued, spoiled, and loved.” “Man, I’m so happy,” I think at times.

“I don’t consider myself a phenomenon,” she continues, “but I do consider myself a fortunate woman because I’ve experienced both having nothing and having everything.”

“I used to fantasize about having a wonderful family and building a house when I was a kid.”

“I used to fantasize about having a Prince Charming by my side. And now I have one, with wonderful children who lavish me with affection.

“And yes, ‘Dreams do come true,’ I can say.”

In a Netflix documentary teaser, Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner Georgina Rodriguez rants about cucumbers.

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