Gavin Hunt spills the beans on Samir Nurkovic Transfer talk

 Gavin Hunt spills the beans on Samir Nurkovic Transfer talk


Former Kaizer Chiefs coach Gavin Hunt has revealed that Samir Nurkovic desperately wanted to leave the club last year, and he would’ve replaced him with Bradley Grobler.

Hunt, who spent just under nine months at Chiefs, came out to explain what exactly transpired during his spell at Naturena with the Amakhosi striker.

The former Chiefs coach said the Serbian striker wanted to leave the Soweto giants but the club’s leadership opted against selling him because they couldn’t get a replacement due to their transfer ban.

“Last year when I got to Kaizer Chiefs he [Samir Nurkovic] wanted out,” Hunt said on Monday Night Football on Front Runner.

“He was injured and he wanted out. There was an opportunity for Kaizer Chiefs to sell him but the problem was the ban. If we sold him for good money, we couldn’t replace him.

“So I understood where the club, Bobby and them, came from. Who are we gonna get? We can’t buy because there’s a FIFA ban.

“I said ‘well he is not good to us now anyway, he is not playing. He’s not gonna play for six months now anyway and he never played. To be fair I thought he could’ve come back a bit earlier. But be that as it may, he still had the hump on his back about not being sold.

“You had a player that was injured and unhappy and you never got money for him, and now his value has dropped. But he’s free now to go anywhere.

“They obviously wanna look at him now the last seven or eight games, which I think a decision should have been made a long time ago. He’s had lot of clubs in his career already, maybe it looks like he is a one- or two-season type of player then you got move him.”

Hunt also explains that he personally would’ve sold Nurkovic regardless of the transfer ban, with Bradley Grobler being lined up as his replacement.

“If we were able to replace him,” he explained.

“To be fair, what was gonna happen was, we were gonna get Bradley Grobler last year.

“So he was gonna go and Grobler would’ve come in. It was gonna be a local [player] and that was the talk. That was the talk. I had a talk with Bobby and Kaizer and everybody, that was the talk.

“‘But if you sell him, you can’t replace him’ [was a response]. I said ‘But he’s not gonna play’. But he was not very happy about not being let go. He came back in the second half of the season and he played here and there but he certainly wasn’t happy about the situation.”

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