Gavin Hunt: “I’m Disappointed Chiefs never got the best out of me “

 Gavin Hunt: “I’m Disappointed Chiefs never got the best out of me “

Gavin Hunt, a former Kaizer Chiefs coach, tells what happens between him and the team.

Luyolo spoke with Gavin Hunt, who detailed what transpired between him and his previous club Kaizer Chiefs.

“I’m not going to reveal who it was. I was instructed that we rather finish sixth in a league then be eliminated in the first round of the championships league. Then I told them, “Well, you’ve got the wrong coach! Because there’s no ambition.

He goes on to say,: ‘‘I can’t go on two fronts here. We can’t, we don’t have the squad.’ We playing Saturday in Guinea, we arriving back here Monday and we playing Tuesday or Wednesday in Durban. The squad is not big enough, we can’t do.

“We can’t do it because the squad is shakey ” Either we travel here and there. I saw a gap because the Champions League for me, the African championships league has a difficult environment, but it is overrated. So if you can handle all the nonsense that goes on and you’re strong mentally and all that you will be ok.”

” I discovered that we were superior in the championship league because we had guys who didn’t have any Pieces, which caused the game to be slower. I was caught aback by the fact that there were only two games left. We were defeated by leopard, which was a severe loss. That was all, and I was gone on Tuesday.

Gavin Hunt goes on to say how devastated he was when he was shown the door at Naturena.

“I was disappointed because I was two games away off turning this thing around for next season. I’m very disappointed and obviously there in the [leadership] camp, they must have been for and they must have been against. And maybe it was more against me”.

“Im simply in the mood. I am unconcerned about what others have to say. If you won every year, I would have known what your formula was; if you know you haven’t won in 7 or 8 years, we must do something. Something needs to be done differently.”

“It’s fine if you change me, but you’ll still have the same issue.” I was at the wrong place at the wrong time, and I’m disappointed because I always felt like they never got the best out of me.”

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