Former Kaizer Chiefs Slammed Stuart Baxter

 Former Kaizer Chiefs Slammed Stuart Baxter


A in an interview with TK on YouTube former Kaizer Chiefs player has said some damming things about Stuart Baxter.

Levy Mokgothu, who spent three seasons at Chiefs without making a single start in the PSL, has slammed his former coach’s player management abilities.

Levy Mokgothu is still perplexed as to why he was not selected.

“Levy Mokgothu is still perplexed as to why he was not drafted by the Chiefs. Stuart, he was never welcomed when i arrived at Chiefs because he was never the one who signed me, and that’s what I packed up later.”

“Stuart and I never had a relationship. He never paid attention to me, and he was never a coach to the point where he could call me into a side and say, “Do that, do that, you know. He was never a father figure to me.”

‘There were a group of players where you could see that they are not even taken to considerations at Chiefs where by there was a friendly match where I was played you know.”

“I played the friendly game, the coach just get up and went to his office without watching us. Only Doctor who was left there.”

“I won’t lie, I think it is something that he stil does but then I stil wonder why this coach has favoritism.”

Levy went on to say Stuart Baxter doesn’t love young players and has always preferred older guys he also said that Stuart Baxter would organise a friendly match for fringe players and not even watch the game as he was not looking to see anything from them.

“Kaizer Chiefs have players, they have players that if they can be used to their abilities, they can be talked about like Sundowns.”

“Sundowns gives everyone a chance, that’s why Sundowns is a dangerous team because you can never predict them. Chiefs is basically predictable. You know left, right, you know everything. They play same team. Five players, five defenders what are you trying to compromise.’

“You still have star Middlefield, you still have players who can play and do everything to you but you wanna have whole five more defenders if not six.”

“I sometimes asked myself how does Chiefs sign players.”

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